Secretariat, Man O’ War and Citation were the only non-humans to make the top 100 athletes in the 20th Century. Secretariat was number 35, Man O’ War was number 84, and Citation was number 97 . See website Also visit my website for additional pictures of Secretariat Kentucky Derby Video When God created the horse he said to the magnificent creature: “I have made thee as no other. All the treasures of the earth lie between thy eyes. Thou shalt carry my friends upon thy back. Thy saddle shall be the seat of prayers to [More]
I made a video like this when I was in school and just decided to make another. Its pretty much a horse race from start to finish. I hope you like it.
For some reason I find oddities like this May 16, 2004 race very entertaining. The Hasta la Vista Handicap at Turf Paradise in Arizona is run at what today is an unusually long distance of 1 7/8 miles. This requires two full circuits of the course, rather than the usual one time around in most races. Unfortunately for jockey Jorge Carreno, he forgets that minor detail, creating a very unusual sitation. On a personal note, in the early 1980s, I recall Hall of Fame jockey Jorge Velasquez falling victim to the same mental lapse in the 2 1/4 mile Display [More] offers Racehorses for Sale – An online way for owners, trainers and buyers to get together to buy and sell UK race horses. Owning a racehorse can be also be in a partnership, horse racing syndicates or horseracing club.
Horse race in Ireland. Dangerous horse race on wrong side of road interrupted by Police. Traveller horse race interrupted by Gardai (Police) in Ireland. Camera van continues driving on the wrong side of the road and nearly collides with another car.
Monmouth Park race call…. 7th race on 8-22-10…. Track announcer’s dream call! ‘My Wife Knows Everything’ more than ‘The Wife Doesn’t Know’ !