This is a little video I shot inside today in regards to getting a health assessment done on your horse before you buy a horse. I find many people don’t even know that kinesiology is an option for doing health assessments on their horses and they are unaware how accurate it can be. You can set up a program specific to your horse’s needs and know ahead of time what you are getting into when you buy a horse. It takes the guessing out of your horse’s health program and if you should buy a horse that’s healthy or [More]
Eadweard Muybridge had the idea to photograph a galloping horse, then by examining the frames of film, to see if when a horse runs, all of its feet are off t…
Renowned horse racing photographer Ralph Bowers.
Look what happen when 3 deer interrupt the horse race meeting ……..!!!!!
Here are some videos of a race horse auction.
Here is a tribute to Red Rum. England’s priceless treasure. A horse who defied all thought by winning three Grand Nationals in five years(the other two he ca…
JOEY wins the Maiden Stakes (For Shires) at Lingfield. 15/06/13 Owner = Hurst Green Shires. Jockey = Mark Grant.
Shire Horses race at Lingfield.
red rum winning the 1973 national poor crisp just couldn’t hang on at the end just ran out of steam and was walking home in the end still you can’t take it a…
The lower Normandy region of France is home to a third of the country’s race horses. To keep them in peak condition, some owners send their horses to the beach for special seawater treatments. Duration: 02:00