2014 Belmont Stakes – Tonalist + Post Race

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Robert Evan’s Tonalist rallied late to edge Commissioner to win the June 7 Belmont Stakes (gr. I). California Chrome, bidding for the Triple Crown, finished in a dead-heat for fourth with Wicked Strong behind Medal Count.

The 1 1/2-mile distance of the Belmont at Belmont Park has been “heartbreak highway” for 3-year-olds since Affirmed last won the Triple Crown 36 years ago in 1978.

The time for the 12 furlongs was 2:28.52. Tonalist, a son of Tapit –Settling Mist, by Pleasant Colony, was bred in Kentucky by Woodslane Farm.

WinStar Farm’s Commissioner went for the early lead from post 8 and was able to dictate the early pace while being tracked by General a Rod, Tonalist, and California Chrome, who took a position inside behind the leaders. The early fractions were mild: :24.06 for the opening quarter-mile and :48.52 for the half-mile.



blackeyeddog says:

In 1972, when there had not been a Triple Crown horse in 24 years, casual
horse racing fans weren’t whining and crying that the rules should be
changed just so they could see one. And of course that makes perfect
sense, since in 1972 the average American had a proper respect for
tradition, and was not a spoiled, over-indulged simpleton with an overblown
sense of entitlement.

G.D. I says:

The only reason cc lost was because he hurt his hoof during the race. It
was on he’s Twitter.

Greenwolfe Green says:

The Triple Crown is not a reward for running in the three races, it is an
award for a “special horse” that proved he could win all three races
against all competition. 

Dan Denali says:

EVERYONE, there is no race called “THE TRIPLE CROWN RACE”. The term
“Triple Crown” applies to a TITLE BID. Each race (Preakness, Kentucky
Derby, and the The Belmont) are each a separate race. Therefore, anyone
can qualify in each race because each race is a separate run race. The
TITLE “Triple Crown Winner” is reserved for the very very best horse that
can win not only the three independent races, but can beat any horse in all
three regardless whether it’s against fresh or tired horses. That is what
makes the title very very special!!! So that should tell you how special
the previous Triple Crown title holders are! California Chrome’s owner is
utterly wrong in suggesting that race qualifications should be based on a
point system. Anyone wanting to go for the Triple Crown title should
understand the requirements of winning that title! The owner is basically
saying that your horse can’t win if it hasn’t won in previous races. But
since each race are separate and independent races, previous races have
nothing to do with each other. Why should points from a different
unrelated race be considered in this one when they have nothing to do with
each other?

Ricky Pisano says:

Secretariat still holds the record for all three races. You’re right
Joey….Sham DID finish last in The Belmont in ’73. After gaining a 12
length lead with Big Red. It looked like a match race but Sham couldn’t
keep up that INCREDIBLE pace and burned out FAST while Secretariat actually
picked up the pace. Finished over 1/16 of a mile ahead of the pack.
Almost 30 lengths. Never be another BIG RED!! Incredible Horse. Ron
Turcotte said BEFORE The Belmont Secretariat was the greatest horse EVER.
I won’t argue.

Antrone Bohler says:

I’m new to this but I think the old man is right. Why does California
Chrome have to race against fresh horses. Its not fair to him. He have been
running races for a month against another horses in their first race (fresh
legs). It make sense to me.

steve Fowler says:

2:28:52 Seconds………………Secretariat? 2:24 flat…

Antonio Moya says:

As expected. Good for Joel and TONALIST. Also good effort for an average
horse as CC.

Daniel Johnson says:

Dang people. Watch the video. In the walk down back to the barn, after
the race, CC is limping and in obvious pain, with his head hanging low.
His handlers are pandering to the cameras and not noticing the distress CC
is in. He was stepped on by another horse at the start. Photo’s on DRF.
He may have a quarter crack and ran the race in stinging pain. CC has
heart and is a true champion!

jestoril75 says:

my analysis is simple by comparison. in the Indy 500 there are cars and
drivers that aren’t part of the indycar series that run. now if a series
driver is involved in a pile-up with a non-series driver, do the teams
complain about those guys not being allowed to run? no because that’s
racing and everyone signed up for that when they take the start at indy.
coburn was bitter after gloating about his horse and he couldn’t close the
deal. that’s karma!

Pawknee123 says:

Steve Colburn is a dumb Ass Sore loser. He knows NOTHING about horse
racing. There are ALWAYS fresh rested horses in the Triple Crown you stupid
ass clown. It’s been that way forever!

SkooterSmith says:

Don’t you just hate to hear the rich whine? If your the best horse, you
need to win ALL 3 races. Makes no difference how many races you enter, if
your the best you have to win them all. End of story.

UncertainTex says:

Cowboy Hat Coburn aka DA Whiner…puts the A in the Dumb Ass Partners
label. He’s got a $10k horse, that really beat a lot of nobodies. CC’s win
in the Derby was the 2nd slowest time since 1973! Go back and look at the
Derby run…he’s giving up ground to Commanding Curve…who galloped out
past CC past the wire….I knew right there CC would “most likely” win the
Preakness {but WOULD fail the 1 1/2 miles in the Belmont}. Could you run
the equivalent of 3 marathons in 5 weeks…hell no. As for DUMB ASS {NO
CLASS} Steve Coburn–has as much class as the mule on his silk’s. That sore
loser spit in every racing fan’s eye by demanding that only those horses
who start in the Derby have “special access” to the Preakness and Belmont!
He’ll never own another horse with as much talent…go back to welding or
whatever he did to make $10k and get lucky. His class level registers a 0
from 1-10…at least in his loss he could’a congratulated Tonalist’s stable
for their victory…that’s exactly why there’s been ONLY 13 horses outta
I’m rough guessing it but approximately 5 million Thoroughbred horses born
since 1868 that could have entered this race! What a dirt bag sore loser.
Did any of the last 13 horses who won the 1st two legs of the TC basically
pull their pants down and show the boil on their ass for losing–hell
no—you do that in private and make nice for the winner! Even Coburn’s
wife told him twice, while NBC’s was interviewing him, to stop bitching {he
turned around and told her to shut up too}! Loser go back to CALI—CC
will fade into obscurity! VE and Art Sherman were the only 2 people with an
ounce of class in those blue color whiners! 

TheIzk24 says:

Steve Coburn is right. It’s not fair for all the horses that race in all 3
races. It’s all in or nothing.

Thysnia Brock says:

Fresh horses? Eh. What I think is most unfair is that trainer’s have to
risk a horse breaking down in order to claim such a title because the races
are run so close. I get it’s tradition, but if tradition raises the risk
for injury, it’s long overdue to change. So you say the short timing
determines the best from the rest? Is that really worth an increased
potential for fatal injury? I certainly don’t think so.

Isabelle Nguyen says:

My grandpa thinks no one will ever win the triple crown ever again because
the rules are so unfair and cob urn is right this is the cowards way out
tonality probably didn’t race in like two months and Matterhorn cut his
foot I don’t think anyone will ever win. The triple crown ever again
respond to me what you think 

Tai Latif says:

To John Carpenter: I am not a jockey just a gambler . I bet to beat Cali.
Chrome in Belmont and Preakness. So I don’t care if he wins or loses. I
didn’t bet Cali. Chrome , I bet Wicked Strong who was also on the outside
and could not win because that part of the track was bad. On Belmont
Day Palace Malice and Bayern both were on the inside part of the track when
they won. Also Cali. Chrome got a cut on his foot from being stuck behind
horses. When you have a horse who can run 46 and change route races
going 48 and 1:13 pace is nothing for him. He should use his speed to
control the pace and make horses run him down. Or be where the
horse Commissioner was because he gave Commissioner the rail. That is not a
good ride. Commissioner beat him right. And almost won the race so the rail
position helped him. Cali Chrome is a lot better horse. Doesn’t matter what
Jerry Bailey says. 

Mil Cruz says:

Alysheba, Silver Charm and couple others lost to horses that ran at the
Derby and others at the Preakness…He only lost by about two lenghts
despite the fact that the race did not developed the way he wanted…and my
opinion California Chrome owner should not be offending others owners the
way he did it. The Triple Crown was not design to be any easy.

Jonathan Goicoechea says:

Boo freaking hoo…. The triple crown is the damn triple crown because its
so diificult. This owner is total douche bag and fully revealed his true
colours. Chrome is no super horse, he is another great horse who couldnt
get the distance in the belmont. Plain and simple

Earl Forte says:

All the great horses had to deal with fresh horses running in races. That’s
part of the game, simple. The Triple Crown is a title given to a horse that
can win 3 races at 3 different tracks in 5 weeks against any and all 3 year
old challengers. Did anyone hear the owner complaining about fresh horses
before the race? Because I didn’t…

francisco ferreiro says:

I think Mr coburn has a point, it may not be “fair” to race against fresh
horses. but saying that after HIS horse lost the triple crown was not a
good idea.

btw it looks like California Chrome was injured at the gate… maybe he
could have made it if not injured….

willyD200 says:

Typical soar loser … wants to change the rules because his horse wasn’t
up for the win! The whole point of a triple crown is that it takes a
special horse,trainer,jockey and strategy to win the event…Your average
horse just doesn’t cut it pal ! 

pav413 says:

I’m still proud of California Chrome. That horse, jockey and trainer have
nothing to be ashamed of, he competed valiantly and gave it his all. Fourth
place was not bad for a horse who came out of two major races as a champion
while the other horses did nothing and were fresh

rsbarrett4991 says:

this collmus guy or however you spell his last name has got to go… he
called the race inaccurately and screwed the names up in the stretch… he
fucking sucks… he’s a blemish on all great announcers from the past…
completely unworthy/lacking talent/unqualified for the job… get this
mother fucking loser out of these big races!!!!!!!

Isabelle Nguyen says:

In 1973 secretariats runner up was sham and sham rAn in all three races he
had a fair match tonalist is not the spoiler but the belmont rules are just
wrong what it does is that general a rod ran. In all three and so did ride
on curlin california chrome was too tired and was cut off have you watched
jockeys a slight impact ment to the stewards

David Kent says:

Yes, change all the rules of entry so a sore loser can win, what a prig the
owner is, show a bit of dignity like your jockey man

kadir1982 says:

Those big sweeping unending turns of Belmont…I tell ya, watching the
race, when victor took him outside at the mile…1 35 1 36 ( I personally
think way early ) Chrome was 4 or 5 wide aaallll that time at that massive
turn…that right there makes it pretty much for the horse to play catch up
because all that time ( being outside on that turn ) California Chrome was
losing ground as he was trying to gain ground, pretty much impossible to
do…and at the end of the race the horse got tired…its as if he had to
run more than the length of the actual race…its sad

netterstyl says:

Butthurt sore loser whose old nag didn’t have what it took, and now he’s
got anger management problems.

dcsmooth says:

Chrome’s owner…..the woman behind him, his wife I’m guessing, is telling
him that he is embarrasing himself on national television. And he don’t
care. What a sore loser.

Samuel Spark says:

Tonalist so much power

eckythimble says:

Someone needs to clone Secretariat.

Nick Mitchell says:

I am also new to this. I kind of relate the Triple Crown in racing to
Majors in golf. . If you win a grand-slam, you win all of the Majors
once. Since race horses don’t race for more than a few years, they only
have 1 to 1.5 years to achieve the Triple Crown feat. It just makes the
chances of seeing a Triple Crown Winner so less likely because of race life
of a horse. Golfers have up to 20 years or more to achieve winning the 4
tournaments. In my opinion as some have said, it is ridiculous to try to
literally tie these races together as a group of races equalling the Triple
Crown. Therefore, since they (owners and jockey) didn’t make the decision
to take the lead in the beginning of the Belmont, they had already set
themselves up for disaster. California Chrome should have tried to set the
pace and HOPE he could hold up. I think his choice of not putting him up
from early was the cowards way out. Too bad everyone didn’t get to see a
Triple Crown winner this year. We always have next year to look forward

p.s. sorry for the bad golf analogy 

JSC112095 says:

here is why they call riders pin heads look at fractions and look at the
hold the rider has on the 2 then goes five wide he truly spotted the field
8.one has to ask was this a fixed race. the 2 was the speed but rider takes
a strong hold going into first turn one has to ask why as this horse cannot
work that slow going 3/4 of a mile. .bailey is full of it as he cannot tell
the truth! look at how riders are looking around in this race and the
stunned look on winning riders face when ? this was a N Y Farce. The owner
has not got a clue what happened. I tell him to listen to smarty jones
race in the belmont.

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