Secretariat Movie Belmont Stakes

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Leah Grachis says:

I get goosebumps everytime I see this race. It is just… amazing. That
horse had wings that day.

Tiia Lahtinen says:


hawk8414 says:

You should see his son Risen Star in the 1988 Belmont Stakes. Look it up.
The announcer is screaming into the mic, “He looks just like his daddy!”

AQHACowgirl333 says:

This is my fav part too :3

ewd76 says:

The guy standing in front of Martin looks like Obama.

Timothy Baranoski says:

Such a powerful scene. Gives me goosebumps.

horseluver4evar says:

The normal horses heart weighs 11 pounds. Secretariats heart weighed about
23 pounds. He is the gteatest race horse this world will EVER HAVE 🙂

MarahJanieChick says:

“Let em run Ronnie let em run!!” Best movie ever. Gives me goosebumps

battousaiblade says:


iamadreammachine says:

Secretariat was a fantastic horse, as was Sham. I thank Sham doesn’t get
enough respect as a truly amazing racer. Secretariat was amazing too.

haley b says:

i love how at the end you see ronnie has no dirt on him but in every other
race scene in the movie hes covered in it.

YOLO2014roxs says:


LuthienDragon says:

Really? I always thought it was because he had a “big heart” physically.

Squibblings says:

Sham finished last at the Belmont. The 2nd place winner was Twice a Prince.
The gap between Sham and Secretariat was a lot longer than 31 lengths.

TheMotorhomer says:

I never claimed it was close, I said it WASN’T close, not like the movie
depicted.Secretariat always had a high desire to be in front, you can see
that by watching any of his races, but especially the Preakness, I think.My
whole point was that I was disappointed that the handling of the movie,to
me, didn’t do justice to Secretariat, and the most amazing race ever,

Gaarasgirlfriend1000 says:

lol i hardly ever actually watch the whole movie. i always just skip to
this part and watch it over and over. my favorite part in this race is when
the announcer says “secretariat is moving like a tremendous machine!”

PennHoo says:

A Tremendous Machine!

zurdo says:

OH <

esmesanibelle says:

What is the name of this song. I love it!!

1livingdeadgrl says:

2:28 “he laughs at fear afraid of nothing, he does not shy away from the
sword, he cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds” enter inspirational
gospel music, BEST. PART. EVER. Too Awesome! thanks for posting.

lynx354 says:

i bet sham’s rider regret sayin come on ronnie at 1:03

Ashley the Anglophile says:

Could you even imagine what that race must have been like for Ronnie? Oh my
God, every time I even try to think about being in his shoes that day I
just can’t even fathom… God is great. Enough said. Long live Secretariat!

TheWhisperWolf says:

3:16 “Ronnie, don’t fall off!!!” xD

Vipul Patel says:

Thank you for upload.

hardcorexholly says:

Best part of the whole movie. Ronnie’s such a cutie in this movie 😉

theatlantean3 says:

man, watching this brings goosebumps and tears………….once in a
lifetime, something like this happens. unbelievable.

deb90566 says:

@Khat111Lillyflower Your Mom is right. Watch all the 1973 Triple Crown
footage that’s up on You Tube and you’ll see exactly why Secretariat was
the greatest athlete who ever lived. He was quite simply the most perfect
horse God ever put on this Earth.

Hope Coutant says:

@LadyHathaway15 Oh wow, i failed. no. I am not 4’2″. i wish i was 4’2”. I
am 5’2”.

Tara Gibson says:

I’m glad I’m not the only one!

hawk8414 says:

You should watch the original footage of the race. OMG! That horse was a
monster! I cried like a dog watching it!

ajanibonny1 says:

Penny, the real penny is in the blue with the white wrap tied around her
neck, she was actually there in the movie!

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