Secretariat Triple Crown Winner: Belmont Stakes

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The Secretariat legacy is an amazing gift to horse lovers of every kind. Here is one of the amazing and legendary races of Secretariat at the last leg of the…


Taztef says:

Goosebumps man… ’nuff said.

Nicole Russo says:

I was attempting to explain to +Craig Kanalley that the Secretariat movie
does not do his Belmont justice, so here it is in all its glory. Not like
it needs any more drama, but I love this version set to music. I cannot
watch this without getting tears in my eyes. Cannot imagine what it must
have been like to be at Belmont that day.

Secretariat Triple Crown Winner: Belmont Stakes

rscarbro100 says:

@artsnletters77 Your right my good man but you failed to mention this was
the last race Forego would ever run against him. His owners said he would
never race Secretariat again. They did not want their horse looking out the
rear-end of him anymore in fear he would have ruined Forego. Guess you
can’t blame them.

sacandagarustic says:

@myjoeyd shut your hole you useless waste of oxygen

tbegaye64 says:

I love this horse. He. Was the greatest…

135thepearl says:

this video is one of many But I’m very fond of this one. I have a picture
of him coming in to the finish line at the Belmont Stakes. He is the horse
that God built. He will never be forgotten.

ghanimajade says:

Greatest Racehorse that ever lived. Simple as that. I get chills every time
I watch this when they pan back to show his lead on the frontstretch.

joanna1981hernandez says:

I watched the movie last night and loved it! It was so heartwarming to see
a horse go above and beyond anyones expectations and take on this race all
by himself! It was funny to see on the movie everyones face expressions,
lol.. big red just surprised everyone.

pattie capet says:

long may you ride…

Joe T. says:

To place owning ALL 3 Triple Crown records in perspective…..that covers
approximately 450 races, over 140 years and 4,000+ horses!!! For a SINGLE
horse to own all 3 records must be impossible….BUT IT IS NOT via the

Dee jay says:

just watched the movie and loved every-bit of it but the real race is more
inspiring loved the soundtrack too.

DonkeyStomper says:

Man I can never see that enough. I was ten years old when he won the triple
crown and it’s been etched on my brain ever since.

chris meinsen says:

@LORDTREVORTON Thank you for pointing that out..

TakeBackAmerica2012 says:

OMG what an awesome video! Music from Rudy is so appropriate, because they
kept telling Penny she couldn’t do it just like they told Rudy. This horse
just continues to take my breath away every time I see him! There will
never be another. So lucky to have been alive to experience the joy of
Secretariat winning those races. He was truly the people’s horse!

Mikki Taylor says:

@ lonesomepete: my sentiments exactly!!!!

bbmtge says:

@riiukun Here is some education for you. MOW ran at a time when G! horses
were, by the standards of the 1970’s, allowance horses. MOW never ran
against modern day fast competition nor in the large fields that require
posiitoning srategy. MOW is not close to the fractions that Sec ran. To
compare the races of 1920 to the races of 1973 is like comparing grade
school football to the NFL. Feel free to debate. You cant win on logic.


@SuckBigHorseDick yea so was seabiscuit and so are all the athletes who won
or win with heart and not chemical enhancement… Jimmy the Geek should
just shut his beak.

Lantz Newberry says:

Not only did Secretariat set the record for the fastest time at the
Kentucky Derby (1:59 2/5), each of his quarter-mile splits were faster than
the preceding one, which means he was still accelerating at the end of the
race. His split times were: 25 1/5, 24, 23 4/5, 23 2/5, and 23. In the
Belmont Stakes, both Secretariat’s winning margin (31 lengths) and his
winning time (2:24) still stand after 37 years. Simply untouchable.

kwgrid says:

@leaferne I thought the same thing. I envy him that ride. 🙂

19janellen79 says:

@GoFuckaPregnantPig and he only snapped the record by 1.8? sounds like he
gave him the cheap shit.

chris meinsen says:

@ghanimajade You are so right my friend!

Renee4435 says:


Kaitlyn Wallace says:

My friend has the uncle to Big Red what a beauty! Ron Turcotte is my hero 🙂

northerndancernut says:

I could watch this forever! Totally amazing!

AllieLover147 says:

i LOVED the movie

MrMiloha says:

Man poor Sham. Hey may have won the triple crown any other year.

bon1042 says:

@RcDellena Sham and Secretariat had the same maternal grandsire, the
wonderful Princequillo, brought over to U.S. fm Ireland in 1940 by ship
thru rough seas infested with German U-boats. You shld all google
Princequillo and select reines de course

chris meinsen says:

Secretariat is the greatest racehorse of all time,he holds the track
records in all three triple crown races and his record in the Belmont may
very well stand forever!Big red would have wiped up the track with Black

mevtcc2 says:

34 people lost money on this race…….

ctuman says:

barbaro shouldve won the triple crown.

abbey2772 says:

Two of his records, i forget which two, wheter its Belmont, Kentucky Derby,
or Preakness that have yet to be beat!! And I really doubt if they ever
will be beat. This was one fast horse and deserving of the Triple Crown. I
think in Zenyatta’s younger years if someone had worked with her before she
got out of the age requirements, that Zenyatta could have done a lot more
damage than what she did. Keep in mind this was an old horse that was
running this race the other day, not a 3 or 4 year old!!

rscarbro100 says:

@Mumpys By Leigh Nichol under the direction of the Indiana horseman’s
coalition quote:According to an article by Dr. Barbara Forney, a
veterinarian practitioner and author, there is no research evidence that
supports anabolic steroids use as a ‘performance enhancing drug.’ Race
Horse Cont.

buchko1 says:

I’m astounded by how the music matches almost exactly with the action in
this race. It’s like it was written for it! Goosebumps.

kwgrid says:

This is by far the best video clip of the race! So much clearer than all
the rest. Thank you so much!!! ♥

james Wood says:

no horse would have ever beaten secretariat that day. He was truly

irish89055 says:

they had to pan the camera….pan the camera…. enough said.. RIP big red..

ctuman says:

i guess thats what RED does when he gets a good start…

irish89055 says:

Greatest moment in sports history, four or two legs…. bar none…

RcDellena says:

@Parag0n Phar Lap’s heart was weighed at 14 pounds. Sham’s was weighed at
18 pounds. The same pathologist did the necropsy on both Sham and
Secretariat. While Secretariat’s heart wasn’t weighed, the pathologist
estimated the weight of his heart at 22 pounds. This is why he was a
“Tremendous Machine” – he had the “x-factor” in spades. An amazing athelete.

dtc1091 says:

Perfect choice of music for this video, from one of my favorite movies,
RUDY. Amazing horse!

sasssygurl1975 says:

I’m so proud to say ron is my cousin and he is a legen, love you ron xoxo

Eric Straetmans says:

Just watched the movie and surprised how much I liked the film….then
watched the REAL races on youtube and am even more impressed with how the
movie portrayed it.

battousaiblade says:

this video flooded my eyes thanks for making it RIP Super Horse!!

SuperIvan711 says:

Words cannot express the grace and power of this majestic animal! I am old
enough to have witnessed his greatness when I was a young man and I never
grow tired of watching him. I am too young to have seen the great Man-O-War
race but, if he and Secretariat were somehow able to race today, my money
would be on Big Red!

Bevoeatsroses says:

Secretariat was blessed with a big heart from God. It was 3 times the size
of a regular horse heart

Jack A says:

One comment says it all, “moving like a tremendous machine”, a classic

19janellen79 says:

@SuckBigHorseDick Jimmy the Greek didn’t know shit.

Tom Meischker says:

Just watched this year’s Belmont. The winning time was 2:30.2. Winning time
of Big Red, 2:24. I saw the race on televsion when he set the record. I
could not believe what I was seeing and I still don’t. Tears were running
down my cheeks and everytime I see this, the same happens. What a terrific
vid you produced. Great job with the music.


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