Tonalist Wins Belmont Stakes Winner California Chrome Loses Triple Crown

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Tonalist Wins Belmont Stakes Race Winner Tonalist Wins! Belmont Tonalist Wins Belmont Stakes Winner California Chrome Loses Triple Crown Tonalist Wins Belmont Stakes Winner California Chrome Loses Triple Crown Tonalist Wins Belmont Stakes Winner California Chrome Loses Triple Crown


key West SUNSET says:

California Chrome was hanging like hanger, he was totally fatigued, that’s
why it’s called the “Test of Champions.
The other jockeys made sue they did everything to make him have the
roughest trip possible and it worked.

TheNoChimpsBus says:

As much as I do LOVE when Triple Crown racing time rolls around every year,
I wouldn’t put any money on it. Building up the TRIPLE CROWN is so clearly
a DUPE on the public. Notice how cleverly the LAST LEG of the Triple Crown
is the LONGEST. And then they bring in completely FRESH LEGS out of
nowhere for the LONGEST leg of the Triple Crown. Then they BUILD UP the
Triple Crown as some kind of TOURNAMENT, when it’s NOT. The horse you HOPE
is going to win the third leg and take the Triple Crown, he gets the
HIGHEST DOLLAR amount bet on him, because they PLAY HIM UP as the Triple
Crown HOPEFUL, a Triple Crown tournament which does NOT EXIST. Then some
unknown horse named “Fresh Legs McGillicutty” takes it all away along with
the NINE MILLION dollars bet on the HOPEFUL horse. Thank you.

DAP = Dumb Ass Public.

But I actually still LOVE IT too. How could one not? The thoroughbred
racing horse is the most beautiful animal on Earth. Of course, I was
disappointed when California Chrome lost. I can only imagine how SHATTERED
the owner must have been, since this was his only REAL HORSE, which means
he has MUCH MORE emotionally invested in the horse.

Love Triple Crown racing, but I just would NEVER bet on the Triple Crown
hopeful on that third leg, since it’s been THOROUGHLY PROVEN that you
shouldn’t. It’s all a setup to take yall’s money, well, those who place
bets on the Triple Crown hopeful.

so cal says:

The other horses boxed Chrome out of the inside and the horse was injured.
Would have won otherwise.

Matt G. says:

Bad title. EVERY horse failed to win the Triple Crown.

Dean Eden says:

All this stuff about it not being fair that Tonalist didn’t run in all
three races is hooey. In 1973 when Secretariat won the Triple Crown a total
of one other horse, Sham, ran in all three races. There were 2 horses in
the Belmont that ran one other leg, My Gallant and Twice a Prince, and both
of them ran in the Kentucky Derby and skipped the Preakness. It’s extremely
rare now and it always has been for horses to run in all three legs. That’s
why the fields get smaller as the races progress. The reason California
Chrome lost today has a lot more to do with the fact that horses are
trained differently now than they used to be. They get much more rest
between races now, than they used to, but there’s still only 5 weeks from
the Kentucky Derby to the Belmont. I would guess that only another freak
horse like a Secretariat with incredible genetics and an oversized heart is
going to be able to win the Triple Crown again.

Francozilla says:

No Triple Crown Again This Year

I thought it might be kind of cool to see a Triple Crown winner after 36
years; there were three of them in the 1970s and no one foresaw such a long
drought coming.

But after watching NBC’s ridiculously over the top coverage of the Belmont,
I’m glad now that California Chrome didn’t win. I only watched the last 45
minutes of NBC’s 3 hour build-up, but that was 44 minutes too much. The
hero worship of a mere horse was sick, but then again in this weird society
in which most people care a lot more about animals than they do their
fellow man, it was to be expected. In fact, during one shot of California
Chrome entering the track, Tom Hammond remarked about how the fans were
“cheering their hero.”

Animals as heroes, animals given human qualities — how was California
Chrome “feeling,” an NBC reporteress astride a horse asked the horse’s
jockey right after the race. At various points before the race announcers
remarked how “calm” California Chrome was, as if he understood what was
going on. Joe Namath did a spot in which he wished the horse “good luck.”
This is a very strange “culture” and getting stranger all the time.

Rosanne Rowse says:

OH MY GOSH!!! I just watched this video JUST TODAY. CONGRATULATIONS to
Tonalist :3 for winning the Triple Crown :p. Good Job Tonalist :). You made
a GREAT run :).

Antonio Moya says:

What a frustrated Belmont call from Tom Durkin and what a great race from

After reading most of the comments (those related to horse racing) I
totally agreed with +Francozilla and +Dean Eden. The Triple Crowns is for
champions and we are lacking of good candidates for this 2014+ 3yo

Someone might need to change the rules to make it happen in the future or
call it the 21st Century Triple Clown instead. Also, people culture is
hungry for heroes and missing the point and the debt we have, as horse
racing lover, with history. Horse racing is not like Basketball or
Baseball contenders, is about owner, power, talent, training, great horses,
a lot of people care and much luck.

California Chrome, lost because he was not up to the challenge. He is just
a good horse competing against average horses for a lot of money and
without a clue of the event ( *except ZENYATTA, CITATION, COUNT FEET and

*They gave the impression of enjoying and understanding what was expected
from them!?

The defeat of California Chrome has nothing to do with any fresh horses or
the jockey or any other excuse. 

Jonathan Munoz says:

Why is the triple crown so hard to win?

Danroxye01 says:

Tonalist, commissionner, Medal count! These horses did not even participate
in the previous races. It is not a fair sport. Now that I know the truth, I
wont watch these unfair race anymore.

earl tourangeau says:

If you know your racing history, you will realize, back in the day, there
were only like 5 horses running in the Belmont, 7 in the preakness and a
full field in the derby. All horses races for points in the series which is
why the small field.Now it’s new horses in each race which are bred for
especially for that distance. I don’t blame the owner of California chrome
for getting pissed off 

Ted Suehsdorf says:


silvia c says:

Yeah, he shouldve been at lead to set pace since he was so close to the
rail. I think jockey did panic and tried to run same race as before. I was
shocked more at the way Chrome was positioned behind horses getting dirt in
face, boxed in, not speeding to lead and setting pace, then getting away
from rail so he wouldnt get boxed in. Oh well…i guess it wasnt meant to
be. But, i still love you chrome and do what the biscuit did…get up and
continue with your races. Go to the breeders overseas…as long as you love
to run, i will love to watch and be cheering you on!!! Victor, we win some
and lose some… mike smith, etc. You can pack up or dust yourself off and
keep on going. I like the latter. We want to see more of you and Chrome!!!
We love you DAP. Thank you for the ride…keep going. The future is the
finish line!!!

Susan G says:

Rip off — Califonia Chrome ran all 3 races — tonalist had a break —
cheater’s way of knocking Chrome out of the triple crown

Billy Teo says:

The jockey took the longer distance going wide and lost the race for a
Champion. Should have kept to the rail and wait for opening. California
Chrome can run down the front horse when it change lead.
California Chrome is still my Triple Crown Champ

bongo1543 says:

Here are two other triple crown winners who had already ran two races with
their times and Tonalist’s time looks like they might have had a chance to
beat him even though he had fresh legs…

Affirmed 2:26 4/5
Secretariat 2:24 flat
Tonalist 2 28.52 

maya murray says:

it was his jockey his jockey held him back in 4rth instead of 2nd

MrShomesomethin says:

This was a very poor year for horses, Chrome is just not that good of a
race horse. The winning time was 4 seconds off the record. A good horse
beats all comers, there is nothing crooked about horse racing. Chromes
owner is a sore loser, a true winner is never a sore loser.

jay lava says:

lets see a rematch race……….bet they say no!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Fay says:

Who cares….blah blah blah…

bongo1543 says:

Boo hooo!!! That is what makes triple crown winners so great… They can
run all the races compete against fresh horses in the Belmont and still
win, if it were easy it wouldn’t be special…

TheMicky53 says:

Chrome just simply ran out of gas.

leobardo espinoza says:

Can you believe he got hurt and still ran 4th he truly is a Champion

chapin cardona says:

Mal mal muy mal

Fiona Lewis says:

California Chrome is great horse… who cares if he didn’t win the
Belmont! So what, he won 6 HUGE races in a row… that in itself is a

VialliForever says:

Unfortunate for Chrome. I’d been hoping to see a Triple Crown winner this
year. Congratulations to Tonalist though. He did well.

chris dube says:

For all you aplologists for California Chrome… there is a reason
Secretariat is considered the best horse of all time. Not only did he WIN
the Triple Crown (1973), he set records doing it. Fact is his times have
stood for 41 years, and counting, as the track records.

Billy Ray Cyrus says:

didnt deserve to be on the list of triple crown winners, good horse in a
bad year, was never going to stay the mile and a half

Xiao Shi-Lun says:

I really wanted Chrome to win.
Lol, or at least Wicked Strong.

Risky olvera says:

Chrome didn’t win but hes still a winner all the way :)

Derrick Doucet says:

Wow California Chrome stil ran amazing!! wow!!! he was good in front pack
he to me is still a great racing horse!!!xoxo

mallarysangel says:

All you folks being accused of being dumbasses not knowing anything about
horse breeding, racing, and agreeing with the owner, are correct.
Unfortunately, tradition is about human ignorance and has no room for
progress. You cannot test the ability of a horse, human, or any living
creature by wearing them out and expecting them to perform at top shape
next to rested contenders. All it takes is common sense to know that an
incredible horse was denied a triple crown today because he was set up to
fail next to fresh horses. Triple crowns are more about stamina of only one
horse, singled out, at Belmont than physical ability, and that is unfair
regardless of tradition. If these so called experts knew anything about the
history of triple crown winners, they would know that the rest cycle and
training was much different for most of the 20th century and changed in the
latter part of the century. This is why California Chrome was denied today
as well as others before him. This horse is incredible. If ever a horse
seemed to want to be a winner, it is this one and his owner, although angry
and interviewed way too soon, is absolutely correct. If you know animals,
all you have to do is watch this baby interact with the other horses and
the jockey to see his character and will. Effort does not require skill, it
requires courage, and this horse has that extra something special. We may
not ever see another triple crown until we see another horse with an
abnormally large heart like Secretariat, or some other genetic anomaly. So
let these self righteous judges talk. They just want to pat themselves on
the back because they think they know about a horse than you do and thus
feel the need to be condescending to feel superior. I hope your life is
more fulfilled than that.

highnrising says:

It’s completely unfair. Tonalist was hanging out in the paddock at Belmont
drinking Daiquiris while California Chrome had to walk all the way from
Baltimore to Long Island after the Preakness just to get to the race track.
It’s no wonder his feet were all shot.

LC PH says:

This is why the Triple Crown in North America…has a mystique that none of
the other popular sports have. A very good horse can win the first two
legs. But it takes a special horse to win all three in 5 weeks. Whether its
an average crop horses competing or fresh shooters. Only a special horse
can pass the test.

David Jaramillo says:

Sad but great win great race!

Frankie Clubb says:

No big surprise to me…any real racing fan knows that Tonalist won Peter
Pan Stakes a month ago, at Belmont ,in slop with Rosario and beat
Commissioner by over 3 lengths…Chrome is a great horse,but Tonalist is no
dog either!!


We never knew IF C.Chrome was able to go to the distance,when it comes to
that I THINK he did ok based that he wasn’t a fresh horse.Now me watching
this replay and looking at most of your comments seems like I’M the only
one who’s questioning Victors decision after that wonderful break + post
number 2 at the gate..Vic this was ALL of nothing,is a slow pace race
because of the distance,not much speed on paper.. ME? take advantage of
post 2,that wonderful break and go 24/48/1:12 and let them get you…

Jamie Keaton says:

I blame the jockey.

Katey Caballos says:

So exciting! Love this race and the track.

George Melo says:


stuart dodson says:

this whole thing was rigged….

TheAverageJoeee says:

This announcer was GREAT who is this guy

T3hStoopKid says:

After the club house turn when Espinoza kept Chrome off the lead inside on
the rail you can tell it’s just over. An obvious fatigued horse (anyone who
ran both KY and Preak) should push the pace to just try to bury late
chargers early and then hold on late. This puts Stuart Elliott’s Smarty run
much more in perspective and should be appreciated

tito belen says:

verrrrrga…perdio california chrome’.? q horrible!!!

Fernando Zambrano says:

Por algo lo llaman el test de los campeones…..castellano por poquito y

Jose Suarez V. says:

California Chrome Loses Triple Crown! oooooh great race horse.

Uriel Lorenzo Utrera says:

Estuvo de película

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