This is a little video I shot inside today in regards to getting a health assessment done on your horse before you buy a horse. I find many people don’t even know that kinesiology is an option for doing health assessments on their horses and they are unaware how accurate it can be. You can set up a program specific to your horse’s needs and know ahead of time what you are getting into when you buy a horse. It takes the guessing out of your horse’s health program and if you should buy a horse that’s healthy or [More]
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22 month old racehorse filly King Island, Australia.
Tom George was born in 1967 and lives in his childhood home with his lovely wife Sophie (daughter of former leading national hunt trainer John Edwards), Noel… is a full service standardbred racing group. Our goal is to introduce new owners to the exciting world of Standardbred Racing in southern On… Racehorse ownership | racehorses for sale | racehorse syndicates | company racehorse ownership | Lease a racehorse.
Windsor Veteran Stan Scislowski shares a story about buying a race horse named “Speedy Stan”
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The easiest and least expensive way to become a racehorse owner is to buy into a race horse partnership. Own a part of a racehorse, and spread out the risk b…
The Lion Heart Filly will compete for West Point Thoroughbreds horse racing partnerships. Many people can own a racehorse by participating in a horse racing syndicate that lets one have one hundred percent of all of the fun for a fraction of the cost of owning an entire horse. Premier racing syndicates let individuals compete at the highest levels of horse racing without needing to acquire the expertise necessary to select and manage a high profile racehorse. See photos and learn more about the Lion Heart Filly at 2yo Bay filly – Monsieur Bond(IRE) – Silver Sun(GB) A lovely two year old filly for sale. Trained in Newmarket, for sale. affordable racehorse bay racehorse become a racehorse owner best racehorse bloodstock bloodstock sales buy a racehorse…
Sue and her Harness racing “Pacers” Billy and Arty training on her track prior to an evening race. Created on August 17, 2009 using FlipShare.FlipShare. Posted via Facebook “Friends of Connell Racing VW Beetle Team Cuisine de France / SPAR” Please join our group on Facebook.
Programme 1:- ‘What Makes a Good Racehorse’ is the first of 8 episodes Keep an eye on as a new episode will be launched each week. The basic facts of horse racing are explained. The programme shows what trainers look for when looking at a race horse, including presence, balance and temperament. Ella McSweeney explains the key features of a good race horse. Irish race horses are considered to be some of the best in the world and some of the best champions in the world are discussed in the opening programme including; Arkle, Moscow Flyer and Nijinsky. This [More]
Here are some Thoroughbred Race Horses in training Breezing on the track at Ocala, April 2007. For a selection of Thoroughbred Race Horse DVDs go to:
Sport of Kings reporter Carmen Thomas gets help buying a baby race horse
buying a racehorse for the first time. How people react to the investment into a race horse.