In the world of endurance horse racing, rider and trainer Pedro Pablo Gomez knows his animals need more than speed to finish a race. He treats his horses like professional athletes, emphasizing “rest and repair.” Gomez lived for a decade in Jordan, where he learned to understand the lives of the famed Arabian horses. Read more about this challenging endurance race: PRODUCTION: Tres Tercios VIDEOGRAPHERS: Francisco Rodríguez and Jeremy Hatcher SOUND: Max Scheleff EDITOR: Daniela Camino COLORIST: Felipe Bello SOUND EDITOR: Andrel Uribe MUSIC: Chilleminor Piano
Belmont 2014 Horse Race VIDEO Tonalist Wins The Belmont Stakes Horse Race California Chrome Belmont Race Call.
Part 1: Competitors test their physical and mental limits on the backs of wild horses in Mongolia. Part 2: Facing extreme weather, injuries and sickness, Mon…
Prix Président de la République Hippodrome Auteuil – ARRIVEE – 17 avril 2011 – Part 3/3; Horserace on Auteuil Horsetrack Paris “prix president of republic” – april 17th 2011 – Finish – Part 3/3
Prix Président de la République Hippodrome Auteuil – 17 avril 2011 – Part 2/3 Horserace on Auteuil Horsetrack Paris “prix president of republic” – april 17th 2011 – Part 2/3
Prix President Republique Hippodrome Auteuil (horserace) – 17 avril 2011 – Part 1/3
The 2013 Kentucky Derby is here and these are the horse to watch for when the 139th version of the race kicks up on Saturday.
Could this be the first ever dead heat in a two horse race?? Lingfield Park 18/08/12.
1-Turbin-Forest Boyce 12-Spicer Cub – Xavier Perez 3- Fuhr Town – Sheldon Russell.
Legendary voice of horse racing, Tom Durkin, shares the secrets to his success. He also gives advice for aspiring Triple Crown race callers.
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Larry Himmel of KFMB recruited Del Mar’s leading jockey, Joel Rosario, to ride a race with a video camera mounted to his helmet. The result is a wild ride and a first for the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club.
Some people pick a horse based on their name. Wait until you hear this race call by Monmouth Park track announcer Larry Collmus on Sunday, August 22, 2010 when the #3 horse Mywifenosevrything battles with the #7 Thewifedoesntknow