1973 Aintree Grand National Red Rum extended full race coverage

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David Lench says:

ahh man you so gotta feel for Crisp though, just to think going all round
in the lead and so far ahead only to get caught on the run in, a gallant
effort but in a way it would’ve been great for Crisp to of won here but so
amazing how Redrum even kept going like that incredible and just to think a
100 races without ever falling
so great to hear the great Peter O’Sullivan on this video too, wasn’t even
around when this race took place so it’s fantastic to see this now 

chatham43 says:

…..thanks for this…..not just the race but the paddock coverage….

JimShadyUK says:

Magnificent and essential pre-race footage! This is how the race should be
broadcast – without the unnecessary fluff and populist nonsense.

Still find it hard to believe how much ground L’Escargot made up to be
third, or why he was so off the pace to begin with. 

Ian Dykes says:

Has a horse ever jumped Bechers Brook at the speed Red Rum did on the 2nd
circuit? By this time, jockey Brian Fletcher knew he had to get going if he
was to catch Crisp – and Red Rum flew into Bechers! Absolutely brilliant
display from horse and rider.

chatham43 says:

…dont suppose you have extended coverage of the ’77 race Eddie…that
would be great to see…..

Richard Keogh says:

Fantastic upload. Great to see the horses in the parade ring beforehand.
Though it’s a great race, it’s one that is always tinged with sadness
whenever I see it with poor Grey Sombrero standing just past the Chair
awaiting his fate as Crisp and Red Rum battle up the last furlong.

Foinavon67 says:

Great upload. I remember being insanely excited when ESPN Classic showed
these extended versions of Red Rum’s Nationals. A shame they didn’t do it
for all the other nationals of the era as well.

chatham43 says:

..btw is that the late great Clive Graham commentating in the parade

ullapoolharbour says:

Fascinating to see the pre-race footage thanks. Didn’t ESPN do the
post-race interviews etc as part of these programmes?

tom wright says:

Brilliant Eddie.Thank you for uploading great memories

Paul Gibbons. says:

Great race and Red Rum is the greatest.

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