1981 Grand National at Aintree won by Aldaniti

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SugarTomAppleRoger says:

A bit lucky! I think Royal Mail would have won, but for that error.

edward mercer says:

What an incredible story…

TheLovwomen says:

What a Horse !!!!!!!!!!!

stewpot01 says:

Thanks for posting this, it still makes me cry.

tinymurph says:

absolutey awe inspiring both horse and jockey amazing

Terry Walter says:


Paul Gibbons. says:


jboweruk says:

Have seen that many times, so people who think it’s cruel and to an extent
I agree, but tell me why would those horses keep going when they don’t need
to anymore.

gypsy9865 says:

the best

Jools Munday says:

horses keep running cos its the herd instinct, but its interesting no w
they have the run outs a lot of loose horses run around the fences, rather
than jump them. this was a wonderful result, a great story :}

KTC1414 says:

What a race

Mark Sheridan says:

Bring back beechers & proper fences

Kevin Coleman says:

Dislike bar = 2 idiots that dont even know what Bob and Aldaniti did and
how they did it

CornerStoneEquesSvcs says:

Awww, wish someone would have given the rider-less horse that stayed in the
top 4 an honorary metal! He just kept on going right along with everyone
else! What a sport!!

emmelby says:

There are some great stories in racing, but this one is still one of the
best. A horse that suffered injuries that should have ended his racing
career, and a jockey that should have died of cancer.

daltondanby says:

the good old days of the national. very good field.

grincher2006 says:

here here

patricia crowe says:

i worked 4 mrs peggy st john nolan who owned Drumrone riden by tommy

waqar khan says:

countdown to 2013 Grand national first time on Channel 4

waqar khan says:

Bob Champion was first jockey to when The BBC sports personalty now Toni
McCoy is second jockey to when The BBC sports personalty

waqar khan says:

I just wishe this race because international in near future what do you all

waqar khan says:

6969mummyboy what do mean by erotica

waqar khan says:

did any one watch last Saturday The Morning Line on Channel 4 if you did
then please tell me did they talk about the The Grand National weights if
they did then i am happy if they didn’t then it means there are not
interested about the Grand National untell they day of the Grand National

waqar khan says:

i think channel 4 might the movies about this races of course the Champions
to celebration

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