Foinavon Wins Grand National after Huge Pile Up Causes Race Shambles (1967)

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Foinavon Wins Grand National after Huge Pile Up Causes Race Shambles (1967). The 1967 Grand National was the scene of one the most notorious pile ups in Grand National history . Foinavon had odds of 100/1 to win the race. Even his owner Cyril Watkins did not bother to attend Aintree because the chances of a win were wholly improbable. As expected, Foinavon did not play a competitive part in the race until at the 23rd fence, a loose horse cut across the riders causing all the horses to either fall, unseat their riders or refuse to jump. Foinavon and his rider, John Buckingham, are so far behind that they manage to bypass the shambles, jump the fence and take a lead of 200 yards. Although most riders were able to remount, no one managed to quite catch up with horse and rider. Sadly no owner or trainer were in the winners enclosure to congratulate them! View the whole race here: Check out the Sporting HIstory Channel: Check out the British Pathe YouTube Channel: Follow us on Twitter: @britishpathe ( Join us on Facebook: All 90000 British Pathe reels can be viewed and enjoyed on:


joanne clee says:

You are right, the winner was called Tipperary Tim.

tony parkes says:

this race was on here but racing u k keeps taking it down the poor commentry by pathe does injustice to the incident in this film

tony parkes says:

you could until a couple of years ago their was a race a towcester when the was voided when all 4 horse fell or brought down it’s on youtube

WesternRiderGal says:

This is awful.. But I have to admit I was sort of laughing when they all piled up at that jump.

HungerGames098 says:

holy crap…

peterpeterxxo says:

after the pile up you can see a jockey running along the route, presumably to try to reach his horse loose just out of view..or, he has gone mental and thought..oh bugger this ive lost my nag..i know..i can run round by myself and try to win that way.

cucumber2111 says:

@Skylarkien ahhh thanks for the reply:) i thought there would of been loads tbh:L

Skylarkien says:

I don’t think any died actually, if you looks closely only a few actually fell at the fence, most just stopped and refused the fence, so the riders fell but not many of the horses did.

boomdocker100 says:

if remounts wernt allowed in 67 what would have happened at the 23, if u come off your horse race over if your baulked or refused are you allowed another go at the fence, the stewards would have to watch the race again to make sure noone has remounted

TheHorseLady1212 says:

wait… Can you get back on after you fall? Because like three quarters of the field fell at that fence

martinmtzfierro says:

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elizabethempathetic7 says:


elizabethempathetic7 says:


chatham43 says:

….Yep…and 1929….and 1947…….and 2009.

hackamore says:

Didn’t a 100-1 shot win in 1928, also? I know all but one horse fell.

umarmaxmas says:

none, they die on my bed.

its HORSES man.

HRHooChicken says:

Oh dear his horse is on fire

fluffyreturnz3000 says:

And 42 years later another 100/1 mon mome won

bungalowlegs says:

Mon Mome won it in 2009 Actually.

Pentdad says:

probably none, i doubt it would be seen as an amazing moment if a load died

paramorelover183 says:

me but i’ve been trying to find it for ages lol also my great grandma bet on this horse

cucumber2111 says:

how many hores died in this o_O

pencilmation1 says:

1:28 = “Watch the incredible pile up.” No we’re just gonna look away when the best bit of the video happens!

pencilmation1 says:

OMG I was watching that at the exact same time as you!!!

BatmanFan2243 says:


Josh Walsh says:

anyone else come here after watching that thing at the end of the national?

NuttyGooner82 says:

Yeah, I popped a tenner on him because I drew him in a work’s sweepstake (I was told I would kick myself if he won) – It paid off a few credit cards 😀

TheApollopotter says:

Come on ya good thing!!! LOL

gary1961 says:

Jumping the last, Honey End was not all that far behind. Eventual winners in other Nationals have come from further back than that to win. It must have been the effort to get to that point had taken too much out of him and Foinavon was able to up the pace on the long run in.
I never thought I’d see another 100/1 winner of the National, then Mon Mome won in 2010.

WhiteCamry says:

Look at him breathing after the race!

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