John Smiths Grand National Chase 2011

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MegaMusicman34 says:

a million pounds to the winner this year,so the horses do it for fun?i
think the owners trainers and jockey”s will be doing it for fun?and not to
mention the bookmakers that are set to make a fortune out of a horse race
that is going to claim the life of at least one beautiful horse,pure
greed,and should be banned. 

dimitry pozsavok says:

If it was 20 horses it would not be a grand national. 40 horses is a grand
national but i agree they should make things safer, but i can’t see it!
Even tho the other 20 horses maybe no good out of 40, the reason why people
watch it is because of how many their r in the race. If it was 20 i would
not watch! U might as well call it a downgraded national!

Blizzardwizard11 says:

I don’t know what it is, nothing makes me sad, really at all, i can watch
all the sad movies, but one thing that gets me is horses getting killed, i
just wince when a horse falls over…

JockeyShep says:

You know nothing about horses or racing, clearly. They are treated like
kings in their stables and are surrounded by horsemen who love them. They
love to race, that’s why they pull and carry on without a rider and jump
like they do. They are thoroughbreds, they are made for this. The death
rate in racing is actually very very low and far less than it would be
without racing, also horses aren’t prey animals, don’t pretend you
understand horses, your full of rubbish

iTsRenno says:

You’re saying ‘they are brought up to race’ like it justifies it. That’s
like saying terrorists are brought up to kill. Horses dying just for, well,
let’s face it, BETTING.

Kasabian881 says:

I can guarentee the animals that are killed only to end up on your dinner
plate is far more barbaric than a horse unfortunately dying on a race
track. Do you realise more horses are killed in road accidents each year
ridden by spoilt brats than die on a course?If horse racing was abolished
1000s of horses would have no chance of life. 1000s of jobs would be lost.

shawry26 says:

@TeaPotsCrazy just wonder if you realise what would happen to all of these
horses if racing was banned? I highly doubt they would all be sent to
loving homes as owning a horse is not cheap, so by banning racing, animals
rights activists would be initiating the killing of thousands of horses,
wonder how they would feel about that

Stephen Crawley says:

What a bunch of scum bags ! The owner of these horses need have jockeys on
their backs getting whipped till they drop ! ASS_HOLES

dilly jilly says:

Your sick.

yognaut619 says:

2012 grand national will be awesome!

Bloodyfire101 says:

that´s no sport, doping nearly untrained horses to be ridden into death and
to guess who will die and who not -.- it makes me really angry, how could
some people think it´s funny to see these strong and noble animals suffer?
when i see such pictures, i am ashamed of being human!

vixitrixalina says:

i also find it strange that horses are falling more and getting injured
mroe these days. the fences are so soft that the horses just plough through
them and fall sometimes. in the 70’s when they were big and solid, horses
respected them and jumped properly. little Red Rum jumped 150 GN fences and
the worst he did was peck slightly in the 1977 race, i believe. anyway,
awesome race from Ballabriggs – well done Donald McCaine and RIP Ginger.

ThreeSpotCat says:

Foooooooooof the commentators make me short of breath just listening to

hendabomb says:

@comeonshaymen Nah, the Cheltenham Gold Cup is the world’s best sporting
event. The Grand National is by far the worse race at Aintree and has a
nasty habit of pulling a sport I love into very public disrepute.

gjpowell says:

Can we stop all this nonsense about smaller fields? The darkest day in
Grand National history was 1954, with less than 30 runners i.e. a ghastly 4
fatalities. Some excellent safety changes followed and, apart from the
landing side at Bechers Brook, the figures were “not out of kilter” with
steeplechasing generally until after the 1989 “safety” changes. Can we all
stop looking for ways to speed up the race further, the real killer of the
last 22 years?

cx1735 says:

WELL SAID THAT MAN (or woman)!

zgreening1 says:

thats not cruel… ( he said sarcasticly)

MikeMath9 says:

My favorite part was when the announcer said “and Character Building is
last of those that are still standing”

shawry26 says:

@TeaPotsCrazy Anyone involved in racing knows the risks associated and
compared to the number of horses competing week in week out the number of
deaths is relatively low. It is nobody’s interest for horses to die but its
a sad part of a dangerous sport. If it upsets you don’t watch it and also
don’t assume that the people who do enjoy racing don’t care about the
horses as most of them lead better lives than the majority of the world’s

Kasabian881 says:

“You people?” I have never bet on a horse in my life. I also refused to
watch the race today. “You know nothing about it?” Ok, my boss owns and
races horses, i work at his yard on the weekend. I’ve witnessed how well
the horses are pampered and looked after. I witnessed a successful business
man cry when the vet said..”Sorry, your horse has an infection and needs to
be put down” You’re a typical hypocrite that jumps on the Grand National is
cruel bandwagon every year. I bet you even eat meat.

PeterOwen88 says:

im sure you wouldnt mind if you had a couple of hundred quid on the winner,
if you dont like it you know what you can do

myrthe9753 says:

Aaaawww I was almost crying when I saw the horse laying down at 7:00 … :'(

Raggsy says:

@ASimpleSomething lol stfu hippy take your head out your arse.

john swan says:

i just wanna say this, what about all the other animals thats get
slaughtered every day for humans benefit, cows, pigs, birds, fish etc that
we never hear about and yet a couple of horses might die once a year and
the media goes into overdrive. if they cover the deaths of the animals that
were actually murdered it would get boring wouldnt it.

xelaheaney says:

you try and force a 1500 pound horse run.Not going to happen. There is
plenty of times i see a horse refuse to go into starting stalls or plant
itself at a fence. Horses are checked by vets before a race and if they are
not 100% they won’t run.. It is only the once a year morons who kick up a
fuss about it. people who know racing see fatalities as tragic but part of
racing life, and death is part of life in general. We have had 2 horses
killed in races but it doesn’t change my view of racing.

natgeorgiebff says:

at 7:00 is that a horse on thee floor? :L 🙁

StangmanLover says:

Maybe sports should be banned because people seriously injure themselves.
Life isn’t perfect. Get over it. Theres plenty of things I don’t agree with
in racing and other horse sports, but it comes with the territory. Did you
notice the riderless horses that kept racing? I’m pretty sure they were
doing that because they WANTED to. Yes, some horses (like some humans) like
to push the limits. My one horse loves galloping so much that I have to
tell her when she really needs to quit. It’s not cruel.

shawry26 says:

must have taken you a while to come up with such an insightful and mature

palominochic1 says:

I like the name character building and grand slam hero

shawry26 says:

@TeaPotsCrazy *apparently, *support, *slaughtered who is the idiot now?
thank you

PeterOwen88 says:

better than having my head in the clouds

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