Red Rum “1973” Grand National

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red rum winning the 1973 national poor crisp just couldn’t hang on at the end just ran out of steam and was walking home in the end still you can’t take it a…


dick weed says:

The weight caught up with him.

Jaygud says:

have to say i think neptune collonges finish topped it

Glenn B says:

Red Rum won three Grand Nationals. Enough said.

oshawaxpress says:

Richard Pitman let the horse race at his own pace, he wasn’t pace setting. Red Rum certainly had stamina but so did Crisp, otherwise he wouldn’t have led the way he did for so long, carrying the top weight. Do you think Crisp would have been so tired at the end if he hadn’t had to lug an extra 19 lbs around for the entire race?

oshawaxpress says:

Has it crossed your mind if only for a millisecond, that Red Rum was able to make up the distance that Crisp led by BECAUSE of the difference in weight? No, thought not.

chrispman says:


chrispman says:

Yes, crisp was a great horse, but just as important, you also need a good rider, for crisp to loose that race was pos the riders fault, he let his guard down,but crisp was weight and was very tired, its quite possible the jockey had done all he could, its a very long run to the line after the last fence, that means its about pace if you run too fast you’ll burn out quick, like a pace setter only thing was RED RUM had more paced and stamina to keep going, sometimes its better to come from behind

tony scouseman says:

Red Rum was a legend and should never be forgotten

nfelvis68 says:

Credit goes to Fletcher as well as Rummy

Finty Mac says:

Crisp was a brillant horse. But the better horse won in the end

Paul Power says:

thats the greatest finish ever to a national… agree or disagree?

HijackThis1337 says:


MrRockyslegacy says:

Amazing that’s one legend of a horse..

Bill Byers says:

Crisp was a far better chaser than Red Rum, he gave RR 10kgs in the ’73 Grand National and was beaten less than a length after leading for almost the entire 7.2km course.
It should be noted, they met again at level weights later that same season and Crisp gave Red Rum a chasing lesson with a 4 length thrashing.
That tells the true story.

barney brady says:

red rum won the great race 3 times he was second twice won the scottish national and just piped at the post in the gold cup i think there might never a horse to beet his record again.PS i was standing right next to red rum down in south port and had no camera i regret not haveing a photo with him .

Grand National Guide says:

Amazing to see Rummy eat up that ground – Crisp has just been inducted into Aussie Racing Hall of fame.

Stanters1967 says:

He was a headstrong horse that had to have his way or he’d fight the jockey; Pitman made a mistake at the death but he rode him the right way. That’s how he had to run and he only just failed under 12st to a horse with 24lbs less weight who was a natural over the track. Times depend on both going and pace in my opinion, to say the time of a race is an irrelevancy, where the object is to get to the finish before anyone else is flawed logic; after all that’s part of how ratings are calculated.

david j Kumar says:

stanters, the truth is Crisp went off too fast ,too quick this was a almost as much of a blunder as Dancing brave.( bad Jockeymanship) but my main point is , y do you go on about timing ,that means nothing , depends on the going not the pace. Mr Frisk has ran the fastest national on time until at least 1996 that is when i left England.for some overseas adventure so i do not know about timings since then. but i do know , flat or jumps timing is nothing

Stanters1967 says:

No that’s too simplistic. Crisp ran the 4th fastest time in history (by a whisker) and the three that beat him carried 10st 5 and 10st 6 (x2) so it’s not hard to work out that his run in defeat is the greatest performance in the race’s modern era. Rummy was also beaten by a well handicapped horse in 75 don’t forget when trying to defy the same weight.

somethingclever17 says:

But if he was the great horse in this race, shouldn’t he have won?

ladynytesyns says:

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stevo728822 says:

3 times

david j Kumar says:

but Red rum won the national with 12st crisp could not end of argument

winwondillydon says:

but dont forget that Red Rum won the Grand Nationel 4 or 5 times

alipitogen says:

You just have to look at Brian Fletcher getting after Red Rum from around Becher’s on to know that this was one of the most under-rated rides ever by a national hunt jockey, the under-estimated Brian Fletcher. Brian and “Rummy” tried their hearts out in the last mile to catch Crisp, but if it had once entered either head they were running for second they would have finished there. It was masterly, and a great ride by Pitman too, but of course the real heroes were underneath them.

sphoney says:

This is amazing. Red Rum runs like Woody’s horse from Toy Story. Even knowing the outcome it looks like he doesn’t stand a chance against a beautiful runner like Crisp. I’d not even heard of Crisp until now, but it’s almost unfair it lost there.
Gait of a cloth toy, heart of a champion. Shows what counts if you want to be a legend.

bondsan says:

and clearly that’s why crisp won the 1973 grand national, better luck next yeah huh, oops that was red rum win also hehehe where was crisp ?

48tilt says:

The only other time they raced at set weights Crisp won by 10 lenghts.Yes Crisp was a better horse. Best race i have ever seen. 12 stone against 10stone5 and Red Rum was three years younger from memory..

raekiesha says:

18th Oct 2012 – RIP Red Rum. The left wing animal rights nutters may try to take the Grand National away from racing fans. But they will never take Red Rum – the legend and all its glory away from the people that loved Red Rum, loved The Grand National and now know – we will never see another Red Rum due to the fact that British horse racing has no balls to stand up to these animal rights nutters ! RIP Red Rum – your legend will always live on !

davidsteen0411 says:

I wonder what odds red rum would have traded on betfair in running had this race been recently? Unbelievable..

Shiplodicus says:

WOW what a fantastic race!

Nyxtia says:

Both were great horses.

08molliem says:

Sweetrubytuesday, im prettybsure your family never had anything to do with red rum as he was owned and trained by ginger mccain and did not live behind a garage at any point. Believe me i know the woman that rode him out sometimes.

Oakleaf700 says:

He lived an some stables behind a garage, and was a lovely horse…I only ever saw him on television, never in real life. He really was a ”National Hero” in more ways than one. It was a sad day when he died, for sure.

Oakleaf700 says:

Had you said ”grandad” it would have been more beleivable….who was the owner? can you PROVE it! 😉

Oakleaf700 says:

Yes, Crisp was carrying SO much weight. A valiant effort by Crisp…had he not been so weighed down, he would have won.

Moolar lar says:

That is nuts.

rananim3 says:

Love racing and believe horses like it too but I dont see a future in the National anymore.Not in its present format.Far too many entries(40) allowed.Its too gladiatorial.It will have to have the fences toned down and entrants cut to 25 to survive.RIP Red Rum.

thrushes4 says:

RED RUM Winner 73,74,77 runner up 75,76 The Greatest by Far

Sunburst75 says:

Crisp was conceding 23lbs to Rummie, but amazing performances by both horses.

XLadyClaireX says:

Desert Orchid was by far the classier animal on park courses, but Red Rum was a different proposition over the Aintree fences. Both were magnificent animals who should never be forgotten for what they achieved.

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