Barbaro Injury May 20 2006

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db0255 says:

Hm. He was being weird all day it seems. Usually that happens before injury/infection. Or just the beginning stages only to be visible afterwards. The agitation before the start with him in the starting gate speaks to something not being quite right.

whiterabbitdm006 says:

man dats just beautiful

reallytall midget says:

i really think Barbaro would have won the TC…

TheOrangesmiles says:

my old neighbors mom was a vet at the clinic they tried to save him at. She knew i loved horses and she watched the race with me. i bet 70 dollars- my whole kindergarten allowance at the time- on ihm. i loved him. i even made a picture of me and him jumping over a huge cheesburger (i was 5, give me a break). i miss him so much! i cried so hard when i found out!

SaraNightfire1 says:

I remember my family sat down to watch the Preakness, we were huge fans of Barbaro going in this race. When I saw him break down, I just kept on saying: “Please don’t let his leg be broken.” When I heard the news that night on how bad it was, I just went to my dad in shock and told him. We were both devastated and in tears. We were praying he’d make it and it hit me hard that he was put to sleep, my mom told me on the phone when I was at college. It was a week after a vet said he was doing well.

Rosie Tomo says:

Aww poor Barbaro that looks so painful, rip we love you, you were an amazing race horse

ArchiesCrush says:

This still hurts to think about. Even harder to watch. 🙁 Rest in peace, buddy.

MissionAbridged says:

I wish people cared about their TBs as much as this man loved Barb. He didn’t waste one second to run to his horses side when he saw something was up. R.I.P. Barbaro.

L3thalDarkness says:

Hehe makes me think of Penn and Teller

Colin K says:

We all know you’ve got no argument when you attack grammar

timsubs says:

Bernardini would have won regardless. A great horse.

Амир Журеков says:

you have seen with your own eyes Barbara?

fullstrutn says:

don’t tell me they don’t care

naridon says:

my eyes welled up watching this today… still tugs my heart.

BarbaroFan1302 says:

I never saw a horse like Barbaro ,he was still a different horse . When he won the Derby I was sure he would win the Triple Crown . But then he broke down in the Preakness … he was galopping on three legs and hold up his injured leg . As he came out of the field and become slower and slower everyone know he has broken his right hind leg . In this few seconds all the dreams become distroyed . When he was put into sleep 8 month later I understand he wasn´t still a horse ,he was an angel. RIP

Septa Yoo says:

TRIVIA: The ambulance that pulls up at 3:21 was made by a small welding company in Woodland, California, called Kimzey Welding Works.

lacouerfairy says:

I cried when I saw him being pulled up. What a horse. So much heart and such bad luck.

4624tone says:

Shoulda put him down out back, lot of sorrow, that was the enevatable, horses need 4 legs, alot will disagree, but my comment, and i cryed when he brokedown.

Jayne Mansfield says:

I’ve watched and re watched this and I just cannot see where Barbaro made the “bad step”. Tragedy nonetheless. Hated he got hurt. He had a shot at the TC.

SuperVancouverBC says:

when i said “national treasure” i was refering to all the media attention he got. when Eight Bells died in 2008 there wasnt much media attention surrounding her death

SuperVancouverBC says:

still but he was unique one of a kind

natureboy99 says:

That’s why I put the word in quotes, because that’s what many of the naysayers refer to animals in general. But calling him a “national treasure” is frankly an exaggeration of any athlete, be it human or equine. It was a tragedy to the owners and fans of horse racing (myself included) when he eventually died, but it wasn’t close to being a national tragedy, that’s just being a realist. Using such a term for any athlete (unless they do a lot for humanity) is simply sensationalism.

TheeKrowned says:

Barbaro was an amazing racehorse. The vet that checked him after he broke through the gates probably feels absolutely horrible. I don’t know who would of won though. I think Barbaro, but Bernardini is amazing, as well. It would have been a great race. If only Barbaro could have been saved. Imagine Barbaro x Zenyatta baby instead of Bernardini x Zenyatta baby.

Rimfaxe96 says:

Shit… I’m not that much into horse racing, but it still hurts. Don’t want to know how painful it must be who really are into racing, like me into dressage…

KrisandGM4Life says:

I cried for months after he got hurt. I remember this day all to well. He has four brothers now.. His oldest brother, Nicanor, was retired this year. Lentenor just won the Kitten’s Joy Stakes, Margano placed second in the Capital City Stakes, and then his unnamed yearling brother will begin training soon. Sadly, Barbaro’s father passed away this year on Apritl 29th, which was Barbaro’s birthday.

SuperVancouverBC says:

Barbaro isnt “just” a horse. he was a friend and national treasure

bamagirl098 says:

This was so hard for me too watch, then 2 years later, we lost Eight Belles

natureboy99 says:

I realize this is “just” a horse and that there are human beings that suffer everyday, but this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever watched. When you see the poor thing lifting it’s leg like he does when they are tending to him…To the naysayers, by and large the owners love these horses. I would imagine that is the worst day they ever had at a race track and I’m sure it was devastating to see it as it happened.

Horserain2900 says:

This made me cry :”(

Nero50Z says:

That’s funny, because republicans are the ones who typically insult animal rights’ activists (which you did). So no, I’m not one of them. And what did I twist? You CLEARLY implied that horse racing is not cruel because horses used to be subjected to even worse, which is ridiculous. Just because something is “less bad” that doesn’t make it “good”.

ponykezproductions says:

i thought that too!

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