Bold Ruler – Preakness Stakes 1957

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Bold Ruler was born in America, regarded as a good runner as well as a good sire. Gallant Man and Round Table were big rivals in his career. His most big success as sire was to produce a triple crown winner Secretariat.


WARFOX101 says:

Secretariat had every thing his daddy had except he loved to run just a little bit more.


Great race!! Tho I like Bold Ruler, I like Gallant Man better. Just my opinion wish they had his Belmont


Bold ruler is in my 14 year old,”Risen Ruler”s pedigree. I was so happy to find this out, knowing that he won just under 100k racing

fallluvin says:

spectacular bid seattle slew and bold forbes grandsons of bold ruler

Sierra Sofil says:

They should have bred bold ruler and something royal together a few more times bc they obviously produced a damn good race horse together coulda been a second super horse 🙂

Buttercute2011 says:

Bold Ruler, Something Royal and Northern Dancer are in My 5 year old’s blood line

TheMirrorpoet says:

This video won’t play for me. 🙁

Megan Bolte says:

My horses great great grandsire 🙂 what an amazing guy!

MelC54 says:

It’s superior Japenese technology.

711ATOM says:

Bold Bidder, Bold Hour, Bold Lad, Boldnesian, Secretariat, Speedwell, Successor, Vitriolic, the very underrated Wajima, What a Pleasure, etc., etc., etc. (1957 Preakness – 1:56 1/5.

Leila Mohseni says:

I just love this horse!!!
-ASIDE from the fact that he is the sire of Secretariat.

What a horse- both of them, lol. I wish we still had both of them around!

Juliaflo says:

…….Foaled out of Somethingroyal (All one word, if you please.)

Happy Thanksgiving.

shooter297 says:

Bold Ruler is not the sire of Ruffian. His son, Reviewer is. Bold Ruler is her Grandsire.

bbmtge says:

Dad of Bold Bidder who sired Spec Bid and a few others.

bbmtge says:

TheresNoEndings says:

Father of Ruffian and Secretariat

TheresNoEndings says:

And Ruffian

lpvcrcd says:

Thanks for the vdeo Why is the race about 2 minutes 35 seconds long I thought they seemed to be running forever Isn’t this race 1 3/16 of a mile and normally they go 1:55 to 1:57 Didn’t anybody notice how the video and race starts at 0.00 and ends with Bold Ruler” jockey pulling up at about 2:35 Strange Am I mising something here?

casanovaforeva22 says:

bold rule is in my horses bloodline at least twice he fathered secertariat and sugar plum time for my horse

ivorysoap101 says:

My horse is related too!

PokerStuffer says:


ZipATizeMeCapn says:

ya i know i checked back on his lines all the way back to some of the arabians it was really awesome that i could look that far back! everyone i tell that my horse is related to secretariat & man o war their eyes just get really big and cant believe it =]

chakadoodledoo says:

you know that means he is also partially related to secretariat?

ZipATizeMeCapn says:

i have an appaloosa gelding who is related to him. bold ruler is his great great grandsire. i know its far back, but it shows in him!!! =] he also has man o war at least 3 times

Kat Cryan says:

yay! our horses are related!

jet7111 says:

That was an amazing blood line they put together when they help bring nearco’s son over here.

Kat Cryan says:

ahh omg! my horse is related to him!!! except i guess my horse didnt make a good racer so now he does hunters and equitation with me! 😀

tvnewsbadge says:

MUCH better quality than any video I’ve seen on Secretariat.
I suspect it’s because this race was shot on film (see the hair in the film gate at one point), and the later races look to me like they were shot on video cameras.

Sadly, in ’73, video cameras and tape technology was in it’s infancy.

leelanau2004 says:

Secretariat, Ruffian, Seattle Slew, Spectacular Bid all from the Nearco-Bold Ruler line

UniversalJonas says:

yeah. thats kind of weird, seeming as Bold Ruler was my horse’s great great Grandsire, and he also sucked at racing ($207) and is in dressage.

nuness20 says:

Thanks for presenting this race. Bold Ruler was a terrific racehorse and perhaps the greatest thoroughbred sire of all time.

BE109 says:

People tend to forget just how good Bold Ruler was as a racehorse. He was probably a miler, but he had the class to win multiple times at 10 furlongs with well over 130lb on his back. As good as he was on the track, he was tremendous in the breeding shed.

Dibsthe1 says:

Oh, okay then. Thanks. I still can’t get over how clear these half-century old images are.

neojappy says:

sorry, the original video doesn’t have audio either.

Dibsthe1 says:

Is there no audio for this one? It’s a great race and very clear video. It’s a shame we can’t hear the call.

cf1970 says:

Aha! The legendary Bold Ruler! He was a terrific speed horse and an awesome sire as well. He sure rocked the breeding world when he sired SECRETARIAT, the best racehorse ever, in my humble opinion. Thanks for this, neojappy. Take care.

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