Pine Bluff Preakness Stakes 1992 – Full Race – Alydeed 2nd

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This is Pine Bluff winning the 1992 Preakness Stakes. Kinghaven’s Alydeed comes in second after doing so well in the Derby Trial.


chouko421 says:

This is so cool he came from like the very back in the beginning, I own one
of Pine Bluff’s sons, but he only raced once that I know of.

rachelalexandra79 says:

I cried my eyes out when he broke down in the Belmont. Nice video….thanks!

rachelalexandra79 says:

Wow I must be getting old! I was recalling Praire Bayou…not Pine Bluff.
Pine Bluff suffered his career-ending injury weeks after the Belmont. Sorry
for my idiocy!

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