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dezfusion says:

the horse did whatever it wanted whenever it wanted. athleticism at its absolute finest.

dezfusion says:

seriously true. chills every time.

CLewey44 says:

THis is literally one of the best videos on youtube. I love this shot…

dustyttrain says:

99.99999% of the time people that add music to videos do nothing but F-it up. This is genius, shear genius.

happyninslave says:

At 0:55 they said Secretariat was dead last. 10 seconds later they said he was going for the lead? Did I hear this correct?

bon1042 says:

Especially at 1:14 with crash of symbols and music when he hits that space between horses and you see him lungeing forward at high speed with his mane flying in the wind !

CLewey44 says:

I get chills when I watch this. Supervideo for a Superhorse. Unbelievable how he pushed from last to the front in the middle of the race.

revpgesq says:

need to update this video…1:53 flat …secretariat has the record all to himself. 🙂

yankees29 says:

never saw secretariat live since i was born 3 years later but what an amazing horse. these videos of the triple are sick. the moves he puts on in the derby and preakness are crazy! the belmont just speaks for itself. looks like turcotte just completely opens him up on the belmont back stretch. unreal!!!! sheer power and speed ive never seen matched!

RAV52 says:

Without a doubt after seeing the move Secretariat made in Baltimore at the Preakness, I truly believe that a Horse can FLY…

ShareTheMike says:

….and the second best is the last 20 seconds of the Belmont….

bon1042 says:

BTW, I can’t believe what I found last night here on YTube. Type in Dr Coplean Secretariat. This dr was called in by Lucien after Wood Memorial. Graphic description of what Secretariat was suffering with that abscess.

bon1042 says:

THAT’S what I mean, “the WAY he ran”. As Nack explains in magnificent bio on everything he did, just even as a yearling being taught how to move, his initiation at Hialeah when he cldn’t handle his body, great musculature, girth, “a great big pumpkin of a colt,” just grunting when bumped, then thru every single race, esp The Hopeful (talk about surreal), each TC race, he won them on his own terms, each uniquely and jawdropping. Turcotte said cld’ve won PK by 10, but kept thinking… “Belmont!)

Peg Soden says:

Sorry it took me so long to reply to this “cmf.” It was my pleasure to share that with so many people who really appreciate the beauty of this horse. I wish EVERYONE had had the chance to see him run the way I did.

Peg Soden says:

Oh, it was surreal alright. Everyone standing at the rail just stood in disbelief with their mouths dropped open. LOL. No one could believe how effortless it was for him to win that race. It’s hard to explain, but it wasn’t even just his speed – it was the gracefulness of his whole body the way he ran. It was more like he “floated.” He just made it look sooo easy. I don’t think he broke a sweat.

bon1042 says:

LUCKY you !! it must have been spellbinding, even surreal.

Carolyn F. says:

THANK YOU for sharing that story:-) He’s MY GOD…and I was 15 when he raced in the Triple Crown. I am so jealous of you…but so happy to read your story:-)

bon1042 says:

I agree… but you shld read Nack’s bio of Secretariat, descriptions of all 3 races, even ALL his races, a favorite is The Hopeful at two, shown here too. Surreal prose by Nack, of that race. AND the Belmont desc is 8 pgs long, it’s unbelievable, doesn’t matter that you know the outcome. The minute by minute, how Sec maintained form, rhythm,stride, no hesitation, show of fatigue, etc. Gotta read that book !

bon1042 says:

so lucky….. Oh God, I wish I’d seen him run.

Peg Soden says:

I watch Secretariat run before he became the triple crown winner. It was the Garden State Racetrack in Cherry Hill, NJ for the Gardenia Race. I’ve never seen a more beautiful and graceful horse with such speed in my life. He crossed the finish line when the other horses were coming around the last turn. It took my breath away. It’s the only horse I ever bet on to WIN.  I’ll never forget watching that horse for as long as I live.

CLewey44 says:

The greatest move in the history of horse racing I think. that back stretch come from behind was just simply amazing.

bon1042 says:

I tend to agree but it’s all so unbelievable. Turcotte said he cld’ve won by 10 length but kept thinking… “Belmont…” there is one or maybe 2 videos here that show the other angle, where the camera is on him all the time as Turcotte.. as Nack says.. “just like a flick of the wrist, as a man adjusting his cuff,” pulls on right rein, takes him to outside for better position… and he took off like a flushed deer.

SeptemberChild65 says:

@lucashan “And Secretariat has them put away” ;-D

flavadog17 says:

An AWESOME display of true american horse power!

lucashank1 says:

“But Ronnie Turcotte has his whip put away.”

lucashank1 says:

Almost better than the Belmont, if that’s possible.

lucashank1 says:

“Secretariat is in last….again”

TheExoticAnimal says:

that horse caught air big time!

BooyaCS says:

Actually I think the Derby may be more impressive as he was still accelerating and never hit top speed and still won the race. Each quarter mile was faster than the previous quarter.

caliwaters88 says:

many may disagree but SEC’s preakness was more impressive to me than belmont win. I’LL GIVE MY REASONING: RON said in interview that SEC’s belmont reminded him of several past workouts where he just began running at a fast pace and never slowed but continued to smoothly gain from 1st gear to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and then overdrive with an almost seamless and unoticeable transition to his top speed. IN PREAKNESS: sprinted in first turn, maintained that speed then took off again in stretch WOW!!!

bon1042 says:

… and Turcotte said he cld’ve won by 10 lengths, but he just kept thinking…. “Belmont !”

flavadog17 says:

There couldn’t have been a better music theme chosen for this video…absolutely AWESOME!!!!

alxcz1324 says:


ldheroux says:

Awesome, didn’t think I’d see this video again, love this mixed with the Superman theme

rananim3 says:

1:03-1:23 greatest move by a horse in racing history

bon1042 says:

@eudrup1 someone else created this video, he closed his account recently, don’t know why.

711ATOM says:

Thank you chippina2011 – I missed having this available.

bon1042 says:

gfn02 closed his account… I don’t know why !

happyninslave says:

I just love the timing of the music. But don’t understand what happened to the original. I guess youtube sold it off.

Dante says:

gfn02 also made a video on Belmont that was even better. I can no longer find it but one of the greatest tribute videos of all time.

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