Horse racing oddity: maintenance crew nearly trampled

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Date: August 19, 2004 Track: Del Mar I’m happy to report no one was hurt. There are two parts to this video. First is a clip of the “head-on” camera shot, which clearly shows three maintenance workers diving as they realize the field is about to trample them. Notice the bucket that they leave on the course. The second part is the full race. At the 2:29 mark, you can see where the maintenance workers scramble, but it’s not nearly as clear as the head-on shot. From Steve Andersen’s report in the Daily Racing Form: “Three members of the Del Mar turf course staff nearly caused a catastrophic accident in the seventh race Thursday, when they were forced to scramble under the rail to avoid a field of seven horses while replacing divots on the turf course. “The three men dove under the inside rail just as the field turned for home and had so little time to react that they left a plastic bucket on the course, which the runners nearly struck. “The incident occurred with approximately a quarter-mile remaining in a race over 1 3/8 miles on turf. The three men walked onto the course and began working when the field passed the far turn for the first time. They were alerted of the oncoming field by the screams of the jockeys.”


norscio says:

See my reply to SamThePsycho or whatever. I’ll bet you two have lunch at Del Taco a lot……

norscio says:

What an incredibly thoughtful and well-composed comment.

**rolling my eyes, sighing**

The race was a mile and three-eighths, an unusually long distance where the field races through the far turn TWICE. The maintenance workers began repairing the divits after the first pass. Their error had nothing to do with the time the race started Einstein. And while they were admittedly foolish, I have a SNEEAAKING suspicion judging by your post that you’ve done.. uhhh…’friggin stupider’ things.

LightingInvoker says:

I didn’t see it the first time. I only noticed Gent check a bit on the turn and the jockey look back. That was really close! But yeah, a really good race otherwise!

afleetalex05 says:

This is actually a really good race. I love the 2:20 mark when ‘Gent’s’ (?) rider puts him in a drive. Great horse!!

Zündy Zauberhaft says:

Ich HASSE solche Bilder, da rennen die Pferdchen schon wie die Irren und werden auf der Zielgeraden trotzdem nochmal richtig verhauen… Arme Pferde… :´-(

orlndblmsug says:

those are some dedicated maintenance men!


luvtowin says:

OMG!  They weren’t aware there was a race going on.?

shabital says:

martina is a name of someone who got trampled : )

rickhh1 says:

@Chunkshank: “Why is Trevor Denman still calling the race?  Oh sh**”

Chunkshank says:

I think those guys were unaware of how long the race was. They weren’t there the first time the horses went around. Oops. Time for those guys to take some Furlong classes.

SamiThePsycho says:

how do you not know when the race started when you WORK AT THE FRIGGIN PLACE??? HERES AN IDEA

109367 says:

Was it supposed to rain today, I swear I hear thunder . . .

TheHorseGames says:

I got a idea for them!


asdfgh820 says:

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

TXRider says:

Wow! That is the stupidest friggin idiot…wow.
HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW POST TIME when you work at a track!!??

sazukamambo says:

fucking wet backs

boz987 says:

Great job horse #5. To be headed by those three idiots and still win is sweet.

Hpiddy645 says:

good thing those jockeys screamed 2 them!!!

karos9 says:

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StaroftheNorth99 says:

Just leaving the bucket in the middle of the course could have caused a horrible chain reaction spill. This one should be re-titled “Miracle at Del Mar.”

BobThePaperclip says:

your comment made me laugh so much.

ancestralblue says:

Bunch of turkeys! Now that wasn’t REAL smart.
 Those guys should have known better.

daplaya03 says:

wtf??!! haha

StormValleyStables says:

hahahahhaah that made me laugh!

sjj9 says:

Shouldnt have been on the track then should they.

Pik4Joel says:

The idiosos missed their siesta – not funny, mexies… have another torta

scenceable says:

there was probably something on the track and they went to get it? (though that doesn’t explain 4 people lol!)

SammieSpitz says:

Maybe I’m too new to this sport, but I’m wondering…What the HELL are you doing on the track, during the race?! Is it normal to go out and do things on the track like that while a race is going on or was that just weird? (I’ve been to Saratoga and I’ve seen people out maintaining the turf courses, but only if there isn’t a race or the race is on the dirt or the turf course that they aren’t working on).

norscio says:

Funny thing is this happened the SECOND time the horses ran through that turn. Where were these dipshits 90 seconds earlier that they didn’t see or hear them?

ponyhorse9 says:


roosterrocks says:

what are they fucking retarded

Reborn13th says:

is the race result official. or no contest

109367 says:

“Dude, like isn’t there a race going on?”
“No man, it’s like sunday.”
“Then what the hell is that?”
“Um, that would be seven 1,200 pound horses galloping at us at about forty miles an hour.”
“Dude . . . wanna play chicken?”

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