Funny Horse Race

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yeng hang says:

Lol that crack me out

Chris Iddon says:

mortaged up the ass hahaha

easyjettoo says:

how does this only have this many views?

oscaruturcios says:

waaaaahh hahhhasha

Appaloosalicious1 says:

That was… amazing ROFL***

nesquickers says:

Wats do funny?

Wendy Rogers says:

Classic, imagine those horses in the melb cup, who do u back, Lol .

ops GriffithBoys says:


Steve Burke says:

total rubbish

TheTiggerMike says:

I beg to differ. 🙁

leeza2007 says:

HAHAHA…*and here comes nasty attitude!*…i’m PEEING!

GTAkiller77 says:

hahaha lololololol

AnimalPicVids says:

not funnny.

AFBlueE says:

My horses name would be Thatonemuthafucka

jimmyboy141414 says:


comeonshaymen says:

UP YOURS KEITH!!!!!!!!!!

xStateofSleepx says:

of course its not real… but its hilarious ;D ♥

musicmaster786 says:


jamielees3 says:

SO funny!

41304 says:

This is my fifth time watching this and I’m laughing harder than I did the first time I watched it!

ali222292 says:


andreaij1 says:

that totally made my day

Mpshaymin says:

I… Can’t…. Stop….LAUGHING!!!

TheMidnadarkness says:

LOL LOL LOL LOL lol lol lol lol lol lol

MichaelJs1luv96 says:

Ok the name that I only liked is I Fucked Your Brother!

articflo2000 says:

yeah the comment are definitely fake!

SamCowgirl658 says:

It is hilarious! I didn’t really laugh but I thought the names couldn’t be better. Can you just imagine being the race anouncer and having to say those names real fast over and over?! that is priceless crap right there!

m3ck3y says:

Even though the race caller was edited, it was still funny.

Freakin horse names 😀

silverthearab says:

The first time my brothers were ever interested in horses

PitbullsnPaintHorses says:

THE funniest thing EVER!!!

Michelle Kramer says:

its not real, just for the funny-ness of what COULD happen at a race track(:

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