Horse Racing Exposed: Drugs and Death

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A PETA undercover investigation of leading thoroughbred trainer Steve Asmussen reveals chronic misuse of drugs, reportedly to enhance horses’ performance and…


Katsumi Watanabe says:

—Sign please!! Should be stop this gamble! Who knew this much houses
are suffered with pain and “drugs” and just death… ——- —
Deeply disappointment….how heartless humans treating houses just tools
for big money with gave drugs and make them run until Death. Please help
to sign totally stop this dangerous gamble!!!;jsessionid=A3EE7E815DF6A05ED7E89B307D23A6C6.app304a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=5345&autologin=true&utm_campaign=0314%20Horse%20Racing%20Investigation&utm_source=PETA%20E-Mail&utm_medium=Alert

Karly Kutschbach says:

Lasix is not a dangerous drug, Lasix is a diuretic that stops horses lungs
from bleeding during heavy physical activity, it is NOT however considered
a performance enhancing drug. It helps the horses who need it, but doesn’t
do much for one that doesn’t need it other than make them pee a bunch of
times. Videos like this make me sick, This trainer is an a**hole and needs
banned from the sport, but this is NOT picture of the industry as a whole,
I have worked with standardbred racehorses or harness horses my whole life,
and have been everywhere from the higher end tracks to the poorer end, and
a vast majority of trainers treat their horses with the best care they can
provide, because the horses are who are providing for them, most understand
this. The only thing that is correct in this video is that yes racehorses
are closely followed by veterinarians, but this is to ensure they are
healthy enough for racing, just like any other professional athlete. They
are not constantly doped up, and made to live a life in pain, it’s actually
quite the opposite. There are bad people in every sport, but this does not
make a whole industry bad.

PhychoDauphin says:

*walks into a farm with a power drill*

Dan Brandenburg says:

How can this possibly get so many down votes? lol….how sad.

Ramonezs says:

Lol who cares about some horses

Richard St says:

all thouse people doing this to horses on ANY competition racing should be
shoot on sight!! fucking Horse Torturers!!!

tigerboy1966 says:

All involved would get life bans in the UK: won’t happen in the US. 

vambo13257 says:

I bet these undercover worms are very ethical, lol!

Jackie Gioia says:

enough is enough with animal cruelty,I am tired of seeing bad things
happening with an innocent animal. Stop cruelty,they don’t deserve! Knowing
there is crap people like that in the world is horrible

Squiggles McJiggles says:

PETA sure knows how to pick ’em. I’m sure nobody was suspicious of the guy
eating an entirely vegan dinner and spouting off about how badly the horses
are being treated. You don’t fix something by throwing a wrench at it.

yari0138 says:

How can I help??! :'( i love horses!

MightyMighty Spandaniel says:

Men with millions of dollars on the line cheating and abusing animals to
win? No way! Seriously though, I would have thought this would have come
out years ago.

RaKelle Lane says:

Unbelievable! I had no idea all of this went on! I’m so glad this is
getting exposed! To the person who got the undercover video! God Bless you

ManifoldSky says:

The entire racing industry is corrupt from top to bottom, and rotten to its

Alex Olteanu says:

i have no problem beating the shit out of some people like this..

ShortyTheDireWolf says:

That’s fucked up

Lorrie Bracaloni says:

I raced no drugs my horse was always sound and kept in field

TC Utley says:

asmussen should be put down like his horses

Joan Chakonas says:

Thank you Peta. I’m not a big fan of you, but any organization that looks
out for horses is ok by me.

Jesi Chesney says:

So thankful for under cover investigations. For those of you are for the
It’s wrong and it is cheating! They all deserve jail time for attempted
murder and even murder because THAT is what they are doing!

gary hind says:

Money mad and no love for our four legged friends. Disgraceful I’M voting
down on the subject

Ellen-Cathryn Nash says:

The sport should be shut down by RICO immediately! Drugs interfere with
Gambling and if that is what it takes to stop this let’s get going!

Barbara Hajduk says:

This is absolutely sickening to watch. I am so glad these people got

Rob K says:

Truly sickening. F*CK horse racing and everyone involved!

Sherri Whitehouse says:

that has been my familys business for 50 plus years.just as in all types
theres good and bad in most every choice in life.i myself agree with you
and do all i can to help these poor BBs to add to the video lasex is given
to prevent bleeding in the lungs from the intake of dosent make the
horse lighter only keeps them from bleeding and once given to them they
must keep taking to run in some cases that are so bad they must take just
to be on the walker.GOD SAVE MY STEDS.another thing whips and buzzers
should be banned from the sport all together when you have bred and raised
these types of horses when they are in a open pasture its ez to tell the
babys who love to run races should be about the horse with the most heart
to run in front of the heard should be raced and the one horse who wanted
to be in front would be without being forsed or given anything because most
horses will run in a group without a jocky

Carlette Thomas says:

Horse Racing Exposed: Drugs and Death:

DyingGladiator says:

I grew up on a thoroughbred farm..We had about 40 horses at one point…All
of them were treated with the utmost care…We took care of our horses
because they put food on our table. I was so connected and loving to them,
that I still go and visit some of them at their new “retired” farm.. Now,
obviously we were the exception. I have been to multiple backsides, and in
the barns of famous trainers, and it was a whole different ball game.. They
just want to milk the horses for all their worth, and then throw them
away.. Its a shame…

Lisa Jarrell says:

life ban here if they did drugs and whip rule too only aloud hit
horse 5 or 6 times and whip can not be hard or have buzzers on it. shocking
stuff going on in the USA

bowview08 says:

Greed and money rears its ugly head. Thankfully, I have never watched a
horse race.

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