Secretariats last race – Victory for the greatest horse in modern times

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was an American Thoroughbred racehorse, who in 1973 became the first U.S. Triple Crown champion in twenty-five years, setting new race records in two of the …


cavalrytm says:

That’s why I say we don’t know what Biscuit would have done had he received the same start that these other champions had… the standard process of things. We don’t know what he would have done on the east, especially with regards to the Triple Crown. The workload, retrained in his prime, weight penalties, health issues, injury, & comeback at old age was insane.

Speaking of “Sham”, that horse gave SEC a run in all three of the crown races. Almost got 2nd in all 3, but blew a tire in the 3rd.

Danny Keith says:

Cannot argue with you regarding the way Seabiscuit was mishandled by flawed human beings. Hey, even Lucien Lauren made MAJOR mistakes w/Secretariat including racing him w/a virus, severe abscess where the bit lies & without 2 weeks of proper training…an absolute sham because no way would Tweedy/Lauren scractch the big red horse when a country was waiting for him to run. Bottom line is regarding Seabiscuit you are truly correct because he was “ridiculously” mishandled!

cavalrytm says:

I’m not all about one horse, but there are underlying non-statistical factors that are being ignored about some of these horses; Biscuit in particular.

He was retrained at 2, I believe, which is unheard of. The abuse, the near-geriatric age he raced until, the career ending injury, the physical defects, the weight punishments, the staggering amount of races. He also never got a chance to run for the triple crown.

The rest of the legends were raised with a silver spoon in mouth. Biscuit wasn’t.

Danny Keith says:

When I think of the 4 greatest horses ever I think of SEC, MOW, Kelso and Dr. Fager. MOW’s legacy speaks for itself, Kelso was a world-class long distance runner for many years, many of Secretariat’s unparalleled world-class speed records clearly do all of his talking (as BOTH a “stayer” and “sprinter”!), and Dr. Fager was the fastest 1 miler EVER…PERIOD (and he wasn’t too shabby at 1-1/4 miles!). Most of the other iconic horses’ records have been shattered.

Danny Keith says:

Also, many of SEC’s records have withstood the test of time including significantly improved track surfaces, training methodologies, etc.  No horse has come within 9 lengths of his 1.5 mile dirt track record (Belmont Stakes), no horse has been recorded as accelerating an entire 1-1/4 mile race (Derby) including an incomprehensible 23 second FINAL QTR MILE, and horses don’t break world records PULLING UP 1/8 of a mile AFTER the wire! 40 years AFTER SEC, many of these achievements stand tall!

Danny Keith says:

Seabiscuit is DEFINITELY a Hall of Fame horse & one of America’s great champions….I NEVER said he wasn’t! However, what SEC did on a race track was “off the charts” supernatural like including some of the most miraculous fractions/times ever posted…FACT…NOT FICTION. His 3 TC races, Marlboro Cup, MOW Stakes, etc., 2 unofficial world records “pulling up” after the wire…imagine…he set WORLD RECORDS records PULLING UP AFTER THE WIRE! There will NEVER be another one like him!

cavalrytm says:

I hear stats matter when it comes to championships. How many all-time great athletes did not win a single championship but are still considered Hall of Fame material?

cavalrytm says:

And the amount of races that horse ran and won are….. statistic. How many races did the later horses you mentioned participate in? How many wins? What age did they race to?

Did they come from behind and clock a track record and the 2nd fastest time on an American track in their final race after recovering from a destroyed knee at a near geriatric age after an unheard of career workload?

Danny Keith says:

Regarding Ruffian, one of my favorate horses ever. Unfortunately for Ruffian, her tragic death prevented her from having the opportunity to compete against the boys in major stakes races as well as posting world-class times for longer distances. This eternal “speculation” prevents her from besting horses like MOW, Secretariat, Citation, Spectacular Bid, Dr. Fager, etc. on an all-time list.

Danny Keith says:

I admire your zeal for Seabiscuit & he truly was a great horse as well as one of America’s greatest comeback stories. His victory over WarAdmiral will forever be one of the sport’s greatest moments. A remarkable horse! However, with that said, because a horse has tremendous heart & spirit it does NOT place him above the finest American thoroughbreds ever such as SEC, MOW, Dr. Fager, Spectacular Bid, Ruffian, Citation, etc. Last but not least, in sports my good friend, statistics DO MATTER!

cavalrytm says:

Ruffian finished ahead of the pack by large margins like Secretariat, so from a domination factor they are close.

I think you are severely underrating Biscuit. Take a look at the amount of races that horse participated in… it’s an almost unheard of number. Add in the messed up knees, respiratory hindrance, and coming back from a career ending injury at an old age to win… the adversity gives him the nod. I believe they still consider it the “Greatest comeback in American sports history”.

86potosino says:

wow secretary is the

Danny Keith says:

Ruffian and Seabiscuit two great horses but simply not in Secretariat’s league. Difference amounts to SEC being BOTH a WORLD-CLASS “Sprinter” and “Stayer”…PERIOD! Ruffian was a world-class sprinter, but NEVER beat a colt and never posted world-class times at 8 or greater furlongs. No doubt the greatest American filly ever but you cannot rate her over SEC, Citation, Swaps, MOW, Spectacular Bid, Dr. Fager, Kelso, etc. Seabiscuit, simply stated, is NOT a “top ten” horse.

clarayau3 says:

did u guys see how he widened the gap at 2:11 ??! AMAZING

cavalrytm says:

Big Secretariat fan here, but stats aren’t everything and I think you have to give either Ruffian or ‘Biscuit the nod on all time greatest, based on heart. Ruffian ran lengths ahead of everyone else just like Secretariat and refused to allow anyone ahead of her; she even tried to run on a broken leg, killing herself, because she was such a g-damn competitor. And Seabiscuit didn’t even belong on the track because of his size and knobby knees, but absolutely dominated and came back from injury.

ASupremeOwl says:

Greatest horse of all time in America without a doubt, But of all time worldwide? Very debatable…

Carrie Peterson says:

I am pretty sure Secretariat would have won. Don’t get me wrong, Seabiscuit was a great racehorse, but I think Big Red is better. 🙂
Wouldn’t it be great to see all the great racehorses race against each other though? Man o War, Secretariat, Seabiscuit, Phar Lap, Ruffian, and the list goes on. Tournament among the best. I wonder who would win. No way of telling. :)

nin12dog says:

well said, Sodano.

nin12dog says:

I love Him; just love Secretariat! He was perfect: handsome, intelligent, kind, built like a brick house, gorgeous/great-looking, wonderful personality, an Astonishing Racehorse! He is The King – still beloved & greatly missed.

really tallmidget says:

where is this? woodbine?

XxSodano says:

i would love nothing more, tho its impossible, to see a match race between secretariat, and seabiscuit

Danny Keith says:

More “crap” from another frustrated anti-SEC loser. Are these people kidding me with their absolutely outlandish comments!

rscarbro100 says:

If Ray was a JOCKEY then I am a ASTRONAUT & have landed on the moon. Old Ray is a Man 0′ War fan. Only the Man 0′ War fans would write such outrageous Bull Shit post as he does. This is worse than the MOW fans claiming he ran on rocks & had weights on his legs. Hahahaha

fullstrutn says:

did you see as he passed the other horse there was a slight hesitation as if he was toying with him then ,SWOOOOSH gone!!!

John Noff says:

He was the greatest athlete of the 20th century. His legacy will live forever.

Wondermouth1 says:

…And I’m watching him on a 17 inch colored computer screen today!…still impressive!

papajoe Santiago says:

what a horse .ther are no words to express his performance.true champion.

Danny Keith says:

No doubt about it! Sec could run on dirt, in the mud, and turf, easily proven by his world-class times on ALL these surfaces. Don’t you think this choo-choo train of a horse with his 22 lb. heart would have easily been able to master Europe’s hilly tracks? If anyone’s answer is “NO” they are in complete denial and only fooling themselves!

shezalongtallsally says:

i saw him on little black n’ white tv when i was a kid.

Randolph Greer says:

I read some of the comments made by those who wonder what Secretariat could have done had he been taken to Europe or been allowed to run after his 3 year old campaign. We will never know. At the time I wanted to see him run the Arc. but alas ! But in my opinion, he would have done very well. If you need an indication of what he might have done watch the clip posted here of his race in the Man O’ War Stakes.

nin12dog says:

me too! many seem to have this reaction! It’s really unusual…..I guess almost everyone @ Belmont was crying in ’73! Really!

nin12dog says:

I like Curlin. He’s a beautiful horse, big & muscular, golden-red…..looks alot like Secretariat. He was/is a VERY good thoroughbred and Curlin is extremely good-looking! But you DO understand, right? You understand that despite Curlin’s big muscular bod & his similarity in appearance to Secretariat, Curlin would have been LEFT BEHIND in the dirt flying off Sec’s perfect hooves? – much like Kennedy Road – LEFT BEHIND in the dirt?…….you say you’re a jockey? On which planet? Planet Troll.

misterbill999 says:

At long last, Big Red now owns the records for all three Triple Crown races.

Steven A says:

We sometimes use the word magnificient too lightly for anything that excites us or gets our fancy. But this beautiful horse not only exemplifies what magnificient truly means but also garners the term “real champion”! I am not a horse racing fan, never had the money to go to the tract and wager a few dollars, but I truly appreciate what this magnificient champion accomplished in just a few short years!

megalolzsmileyface says:

wow i love this race and i loved the announcer! secretariat just looked like he was cantering along on the lead and he won by 12 lengths truly amazing

Danny Keith says:

“Secretariat…ladies & gentlemen…he’s all yours and he’s coming to the wire”! Awesome indeed with that steam coming out of his nostrils as if he was a runaway train! After Chick Anderson’s iconic Belmont Stakes call, this was always my second favorite with the Canadian announcer doing a spectacular job of highlighting a truly historic moment with the perfect choice of words. Best Regards

thatguyknowsit says:

Love the announcer’s call, “he’s in the stretch in a blaze of glory”.

Nick C says:

Secretariat followed by Evel? What could be better?

Danny Keith says:

Kills me that SEC couldn’t run at 4 years old. What is truly amazing in this race is the way Secretariat runs away from Kennedy Road, a 5 YEAR OLD CHAMPION, right BEFORE the final turn. Almost as if Kennedy Road stops running. Great point about Turcotte beacuse Eddie maple didn’t push SEC at all down the stretch. Once he gained the 12 length lead, he virtually pulled up and coasted to the wire.

Kenneth Robinson says:

well if curlin would not have beat him he would have gave him a run for his money, i’m telling you.curlin is one of the best of all time

shorty1861 says:

OK, now I know you must be trolling. My attempt at sarcasm went right over your head, and now you say that Curlin would outrun Secretariat, after you say Secretariat is the best of all time? Hahahahaha. Secretariat would have stomped all over Curlin. Secretariat was just starting to really come into his own when he was retired to stud.

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