Sheer Joy – Great Racing Moments

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I created this video to share some of my absolute favourite moments in horse racing over the past 25 years. The music I’ve used also happens to be some of my favourite stuff. The best race is saved until last, a defining and spine tingling moment in Irish sporting history. The screen setting is small enough, so adjust to suit yourself, but play it good and loud to achieve the best effect!


Darren Moore says:

Dancing Brave still gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. And I watch
it a lot

Ian Fielding says:

Wow! that was great, thank you

Pagani Zonda says:

TO this day, I still have NO idea what The great Lester Piggot said post
race in his interview…lol. What a legend.

MarbleStairsIreland says:

You saved the best til last… Dawn Run, what a mare, I’ll never forget
that race.

talos124 says:

I was at York that day when “The Iron Horse” beat Kalanisi in the
Juddmonte. I had £500 quid on Giants causeway. When they flashed past the
line together, I could have sworn that Kalanisi had got up on the line.
Some guy behind me who was just rolling a fag said he’d thought Giants had
won it. Thank fuck he was right.

audra hofacker says:

what is the first song used??

Jon Franklin says:

Thanks very much for this John; brought back so many great memories. A
tenacious Yeats winning Rhe Ascot Gold Cup and Michael Kinane at his
inimitable best, timing his run up the inside rail to perfection on Sea The
Stars to win the Arc. Thanks again!

Stuart Berryman says:

The day after the 2011 Cheltenham Gold Cup, Alastair Down wrote a
marvellous piece in the Racing Post about how Kauto Star & Denman might
have been beaten but they went out on their shields….and I started
blubbing all over again!

26lil26 says:

I forget the race but i know that Lester Piggot once stole a whip off a
fading jockey as he had dropped his and in the post race interview he said
well the other jockey wasn’t going to need it was he.

nickdriver08 says:

I thought I’d run out of emotions until I saw the replay of Kauto and
Denman taking that turn together in 2011 and then I had to hold on to that
tap hard because the waterworks were about to flow! Incredible… Love the
video, kudos.

geckos2001 says:

Brilliant; thank you. You don;t by any chance have Lester’s post-race
interview after Royal Academy, do you? One of my favourite comedy moments.

tigerboy1966 says:

Great video. Good to see Viking Flagship in there: totally outclassed by
Deep Sensation and Travado but getting up to win on sheer guts. Toughest
horse ever!

tigerboy1966 says:

Still haunted by the memory of watching the 1986 Gold Cup in a pub full of
Irishmen, having told them all that Wayward Lad would would win. After the
last I was yelling “I told you so” and then the celebration died in my
throat. The mare got up.

Annalise Meyer says:

This is… magnificent. I had goosebumps watching these. What are the songs
that you used? I absolutely love them.

Jon Jon says:

This game means everything to us

John Gavin says:

I’ve used a variety of music from different films in this: World Trade
Centre, Armageddon, Dances with Wolves, Veronica Guerin; and the music
behind the 2011 Gold Cup is from Explosions in the Sky: First Breath after

nanter15 says:

Utterly fantastic piece of work. The music is superb, the racing fantastic.
Whoever you are – Thankyou.

jstorey1986 says:

Giants causeway is the bravest horse I’ve ever seen. There have been better
but none have had a bigger heart

Greg Davis says:

Thank you.

Kevin A says:

I came here after watching Seabiscuit.

Derek Craddock says:


EmmaWilliamsUK says:

From the film Armageddon. It’s on Youtube.

Jon Auty says:

Excellent video – thanks.

seehig says:

only just seen this video…..pure class..just pure class….

BIG steal96 says:


xWibbleywobbleyx says:

Some really memorable moments of racing! The 2011 Cheltenham Gold Cup will
live long in the memory. What is the music used during that race?

norman woodhead says:

this comment made me laugh tigerboy!thats about the luck i have!

TheAndrew179 says:

take that music off in the back ground

MultiMafiadon says:

I use to love Viking Flagship what a tough genuine horse If I have ever
seen one

norman woodhead says:

Brilliant video pal,more please!

SpiritAir2012 says:

What is the music called?

TheDressagePassion says:

I <3 this vid some great moments!

december2364 says:

I backed Forgive N Forget that day and started premature celebrations as
they approached the last.

James B says:

Secretariat had a heart double the size 🙂

Diarmuid Nolan says:

type “Paddy Aspel into youtube, such a special moment in horse racing as
well!! what our sport is all about! love this video obviously, really nice
and well put together!

denisgerard says:

Best racing video I’ve seen. You’ve really got a feel for the sport. THANKS

angie mate says:


rob9999i says:

Great video and great music, a real treat!

MyAlbert47 says:

bloody brilliant

Steve Burke says:

All I will say is “the mares beginning to get up”.

R Chapo says:

So many great moments that mark time for a life splendidly spent with the

handgunnar45 says:

John Gavin, what a thrilling compilation of great footage. Great use of
music, as well. It was a privilege to view your work.

Arazi124 says:

Great video. Well done for putting it together.

John Gavin says:

I’ve used a variety of music from different films in this: World Trade
Centre, Armageddon, Dances with Wolves, Veronica Guerin; and the music
behind the 2011 Gold Cup is from Explosions in the Sky: First Breath after

npdoughty88 says:

I salute you!! Utterly fantastic!!……Few i would have liked to see in
the , Hawk Wing (Lockhinge), Persian Punch, Dessie, Fantastic light
(getting revenge on Galileo 😉 to name a few, but these are your personally
favourites and they are all great!! Love the Moscow Flyer piece. I have
shared this with a racing group i am in on facebook! ought to grab some
more well deserved views for you. Checkout my Horseracing highlights 2011
flat season video, it is nothing on this but you may enjoy.

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