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BlueLeopard200 says:

Shergar was not just a horse. He was one of the greatest racehorses in history. A truly unique specimen. Far more unique than most humans.

dahoss65 says:

Who is the lady flashing her panties at 0:18 ?

Dave Malon says:

IRA are wankers for killing him! He was a jewel among racehorses.

cgambler864 says:

i appreciate your emotions……..what a pity…..i am a New York fellow, who strongly prefers watching the beasts of the lawn that you chaps turn out…………(High Chapparal my personal favorite…Galileo…..oh and of course Sakhee !!!……….i read about the poor Shergar years ago…….

harrysboy says:


capitalkman says:

Nice vid and horse race dude cool post

rob9999i says:

Thinking of some of the Derby Wins through the years. nothing holds a candle to this one. No-one can ever rob him of this day


Ooooooooooooooh ha ha Who’s getting pissed now bitch..

McAttack233 says:

Ha what are you five? A child would come up with better insults. Or just some other inner city knacker dropped on your head by your mother. Go get yourself to school your clearly an educated fool. Piss off.

joe viner says:

I have seen every Derby since Psidium won in 1961, but I have NEVER seen a Derby that was already won before they approached Tattenham Corner, and I’ m absolutely certain that I will never see it done again in my lifetime. Shergar was absolutely sensational. As for the IRA, I hope every one of the bastards burn in hell for all eternity.


At least I’m not a little Bitch that wears my sisters cloths like you, Retard.

McAttack233 says:

haha anger management issues much? You clearly said “IRA’s greatest shame” which is of course suggesting its the worst thing they’ve done you fool. Get yourself back to your anger management group and then maybe back to school so you can attempt to figure out what your words mean. You fool!

McAttack233 says:

haha someone has got anger issues! You said IRA’s greatest shame that’s clearly indicating that you believe it’s the worst thing they’ve done. Get yourself back to them anger management classes and maybe back to school too because you clearly don’t understand what the words you use mean. Fool!


Shut the fuck up idiot, nobody suggested such. Stop behaving like a little bitch.

McAttack233 says:

Greatest shame? Hmmm killing a horse is worse than killing people now? Fool!

mk floyd says:

no such thing as 110%……..

KTC1414 says:

I agree. But I think Shergar is better

Alan Donohoe says:

Great clip at 0:19

AMCT101 says:

People need to stop saying shergar is worse than workforce, they are both brilliant horses. But you can’t compare horse over a 30 year difference because of improved training methods and equipment, and better diets and increased biological knowledge of horses

gilthorp says:

Nice Upskirt @ 18 SECONDs I feel so sad that IRA killed an animal. I’m a plastic paddy. My father always said the North had to get their shit together and stop killing each other God Bless my Father for saying Spike Lees line “Do the right thing”

JTisThis says:

Usain Bolt owns a horse?

ASupremeOwl says:

runner Europe as ever seen followed very closely by Dancing Brave. What both these horses did the Arc should be held as the pinnacle. Both absolute monsters. For as much as I love Shergar I think he would have struggled in other eras, He did beat much in his 1981 Derby win and I think the time like you stated shows that it wasn’t the best of Derbies one of the slowest recorded in the history of the race…

ASupremeOwl says:

I thought Sea Bird II was more impressive than both to be honest, Not many horses go to the line on the bridle at Epsom and if Pat Glennon had let him off he’d have put nearly 8 or 9 lengths maybe even more between himself and the field. Lets not forget either than the derby that Sea Bird II won was a far better field than either of Shergar or Workforce. Meadow Court was an high class animal in his own right and was made to look second rate at Epsom. For Me he is still the best middle distance..

ILuvTurfRacing01 says:

31+ years now after the fact, and it still gives me chills and makes my jaw drop to watch the manner in which Shergar dominated this Epsom Derby. Walter Swinburn scarcely let out about a half-inch of reign, if even that, and I liken it to watching the space shuttle blast off or something. He simply went to another gear entirely and made the rest of the Epsom Derby field look like a bunch of claimers at Carlisle.

GBeret83 says:

I totally agree with you 110% that Shergar’s performance in the 1981 Epsom Derby is as impressive as it ever was before or since, and I expect that it will ever be. When you watch the overpowering turn of foot that Shergar put on display in this race, it’s almost not even believable to look and see that Workforce ran the 2010 Derby nearly 13 full seconds faster than Shergar ran the 1981 Derby.

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