Mongol Derby: World’s Longest, Toughest Horse Race

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Part 1: Competitors test their physical and mental limits on the backs of wild horses in Mongolia. Part 2: Facing extreme weather, injuries and sickness, Mon…


Macsization says:

Unlike Western horse racing, which consists of short sprints generally not
much longer than 2 km, Mongolian horse racing as featured in Naadam is a
cross-country event, with races 15–30 km long. Up to 1000 horses from any
part of Mongolia can be chosen to participate. Race horses are fed a
special diet.

Children from 5 to 13 are chosen as jockeys who train in the months
preceding the races.

Let me say that agai, 5 to 13 years old…

Panther UK says:

Lynne is my single Hero here and not the both “winning” womans….

Bayar Bakhdal says:

Arab and american long races are not even close to this omg I have done
this at mongolia but only for 50 miles there but there is longer ones which
I would die on the way

TheNaturalust says:

200 miles a day!?? Even though the terrain is mild, that is BRUTAL on the
horses. Especially when competition spurs immature young girls to try to
push them as hard as possible in order to win. Should be prizes for least
abused horse and other incentives which don’t rely on overworking the
animals, like most weight lost by a rider during the race….

Batsukh Batdelger says:

What is the main purpose of this competition? 

LiveLifeYT says:

My dream is too do this one time…


Mongol Derby: World’s Longest, Toughest Horse Race 

Ethan Smith says:

Survey Corps!

franklyn flores says:


ObeyYourMaster says:

do they not have chapsticks in mongolia?

peperruti says:

Love Horses, favorite animal.

TheVJProduction says:

tough? more like tough for the fucking horses, and a breeze for the riders.

Joseph Turner says:

Abc ass holes bitchez and coc succers

Solongo U says:

Mongolians are the first largest empire in the entire world. Horse riding,
wrestling and shooting arrow is their specialty.

MarchTo GloryXD says:

I want to do this one day. I’ve done a 100 mile endurance race with my
arab, but doesn’t even seem relevant compared to this. It looks like they
are on the native ponied as opposed to their own. It not easy to do an
endurance race on horses you’ve never ridden before. Best of luck to them!

sean brown says:


geekaboo14 says:

When news turns into reality tv………. Oh wait it already was reality tv

dxmakina says:

are you fucking kidding me? search wikipedia for mongol conquests. they
conquered the world shooting arrows from horses. they founded turkey even.

MrLowelife says:

Lol that dude “Take risks” *Try’s wrestling* Pulls shoulder.

Soundwave119 says:

Thanks for posting this!

Essee A says:

Cool…some positive news . I like it:)

ariunzul ulambayr says:

We love mongol derby

AmaneeChaan says:

Tough for the horses? These horses were bred and trained to ride days and
days. Even so it is tough for both horse and rider.

ThumbdownMan says:

Those horses are so cute.

Araki Hirotaka says:


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