2012 Preakness Stakes – I’ll Have Another

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Brian Roberts says:

Bob B affert or whatever his name is a prick. 

SaddleGirl234 says:

And the triple crown is on line! I cry when I see this! Hopefully 2014 has
a Triple Crown! 

Max M says:

Collmus butchered that race call. At the last seconds he was screetching
and cracking his voice and said something inaudible….jdksisjfolosofds!
Dave Johnson and Tom Durkin are the masters…..Collmus needs to stick with
bull ring tracks….

Jayne Mansfield says:

Now this is what we call a tremendous stretch kick.

Richard White says:

“He ran down Bodemiester to win the Preaknes and the triple crown will be
on the line at Belmont Park.

SammyGreene says:

Collmus with one of the best calls ever in sports. Absolutely nailed that
stretch run.

hiroismyhomeboy says:

this horse was brilliant

SaddleGirl234 says:

It really sucked that Ill Have a another was pulled out last mo tue

skiingpowder10 says:

“can i’ll have another get there .. here he comes here’s the wire.. ” best
call ever in horseracing!

Dylan Livers says:

I remember one day before the Belmont race when they said he wasn’t going
to race this horse was going to win the Belmont

Jayne Mansfield says:

One of the best races I’ve seen in years. Boy the 2012 TC run stunk.

sjm80s says:

thats a stretch

Joe Blow says:

Ill have another is the triple crown winner in my opinion. Who could have
beat him.

Webuiltthepyramids says:

“And the Triple Crown will be on the line at Belmont Park.” :'(

joshaaronh says:

Bodemeister should’ve won? I’ll Have Another proved not once BUT TWICE that
he was the better horse… So, how much did you lose on Bodemeister? I’m
proud to say that I had $100 on IHA in the derby and $500 on him in the
preakness (also had the trifecta 9-7-6)… If not for the injury, he would
have won the triple crown…

bubblinbrownsugar616 says:

I don’t think so. It sucks but I rather he be 100% to go up against that
grueling Belmont track. Someone thought about his well being. I don’t want
another Big Brown incident.

Brian Gray says:

It’s a shame that I’ll have another didn’t get a chance to achieve the
triple crow because of his injury.

Erik999 says:

What an awesome call. Gotta love the fanboy in him coming out at the end.

SaddleGirl234 says:

God I wish this horse was still able to race and have a second chance this

battousaiblade says:

i think he would have won the Belmont if he didn’t get hurt!

Hestermoffit says:

Heart Pumping Finish.. Great Race Call…. I LOVE Horse Racing

lucidity910 says:

I’ll have another, IS BEARING DOWN ON HIM!!!

bnegs521 says:

Collmus blows Durkin away. Thank you Tom for quitting.

Richard White says:


Suprise Me says:

this made me a horse racing fan, great

PaperMarioKart7 says:

I still thought Bodemeister should’ve won.

sjm80s says:

second chance at what?

sjm80s says:

everybody that bet him to win did too. thats horse racing Mo.

bubblinbrownsugar616 says:

Agreed however I have much respect for O’Neill not pushing him onto what
would have been one epic national stage. He cared more for the horse than
for the hype. Bonus points in my book! 🙂

TMNT power says:

god i hate Doug o neil

rsbarrett4991 says:

creative cause couldn’t have asked for a better trip…. i really thought
he’d be more competitive down the stretch…

catrten michael says:

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SaddleGirl234 says:

of winning the Triple Crown

SaddleGirl234 says:

No Ill Have Another had injured his leg. So he was pulled out last minute.
He got injured so then he couldn’t race so his owners retired him.

BoxingFan89 says:

What an amazing horse

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