==HQ== 134th preakness stakes rachel alexandra wins!

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the filly, rachel alexandra ridden by calvin borel wins the 134th preakness stakes Rachel Alexandra won the 134th running of the Preakness Stakes, becoming t…


kwgrid says:

Great clip! I love Calvin Borel because he’s so verbose after a big win.
He’s so much fun! :)

Jayne Mansfield says:

Susan Wilde, I have to agree with you on one point-I hate Cal the midget. I
had no respect for him to begin with. But he managed to make any possible
respect I might’ve had for him in future fly out the window when he bailed
on MTB. I didn’t think MTB was that great of a horse, but still. 

kwgrid says:

Would have loved to see a Zenyatta and Rachel matchup at 1 1/4.

Sarah O says:

Maybe Mike had a misjudgment on pace with MTB. You can see in the stretch
on how much he was pushing his horse though..

Susan Wilde says:

Bull, I saw this race from another angle and Mine That Bird did so much
running around and through, if he’d had a straight shot like Rachael A he
would have won I personally think he was held back on purpose and I hate
Calvin Borel to this day for deserting MTB. Rachael A is a gorgeous horse
and a winner no doubt, but MTB will always be my favorite.

minnesotachris says:

Yes, the filly was magnificent, but it sure looks like a mile and a half
will be tough for her – gotta like the chances for Mine That Bird in the

mrr1980 says:

Everybody thinks that RACHEL would have been caught by MTB but what people
dont understand is that RACHEL was running all by herself down the stretch
and horses basically get bored….so MTB ran along side her at the wire and
watch the video carefully…once he gets alongside her she picks up the
pace again and out gallops him at the wire….Im telling you, if she runs
in the Belmont, MTB will challenge her at the end and she is the kind of
horse that will dig in and run him into the ground….

Carrie Peterson says:

sorry for my wording error in the last one. And yeah, Rachel Alexandra is a
great racehorse. Girl power! 🙂

shadowkitty56 says:

@Starbuc1 I see Rachel in about 3 years, happily munching on a little grass
in her paddock, and with a little colt with her coloring playing by her
side. He whinnies as if to say, “one day, Mama, I am going to run just like
you and make you proud..

jdman270 says:

I still say another 1/16th and MTB wins, but there wasnt so congrats to

InFaithByGrace says:

Three things you gotta notice about this race: 1) Rachel got a rough start;
not only did she break on the far outside, she started on the wrong lead.
(1:18) 2) Big Drama hit the first turn four out on the track; tough to
believe that was coincidence considering he broke from post #1. Not
unreasonable to suspect that Velasquez was trying to force RA to take that
first turn wide. (1:18) 3) Despite the rough start and the discomfort of
the muddy Pimlico surface, Rachel still won. Pretty amazing.

catrten michael says:

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fanofbt says:

not a clue, have you

Mamasan41 says:

Absolutely splendid, these horses. PLEASE adopt the retired horses, if you
can. My friend just did.

Afleet Alex says:

Rachel! We’re praying hard for you! <3

HemsinRiver says:

what race did u watch???? She won it easily….. period. stop the he is a
closer he has got a new rider crap. he is not the best SHE is the best….
show some respect to this supernatural lady…. count yourself lucky that u
watched her so u have a story to tell your grandchildren….

horsejumper0077 says:

I want to see this mare run against Zenyatta, they both have unspeakable
talent. The only thing is would be the ground they run on, Rachel does so
much better on dirt and Zenyatta excels on turf. Either way, they are both
amazing! And Rachel Alexandra ran a stellar race, she kept such a nice pace
throughout the whole race and Calvin did a great job riding her too. He is
one heck of a jockey

Afleet Alex says:

Negative, Ghost Rider. Summer Bird is the reason there would have been no
12th TC winner. MTB couldn’t beat him at that distance.

somehuskyeyes says:

i was there – it was crazy!!!!

Michael Sullivan says:

There are only two class horses in this year’s Triple Crown campaign! RA
and MTB. The speculation surrounding the upcoming Belmont Stakes will be as
good as any build-up for a good NFL division championship. My gut feeling
is that MTB will have sufficient room to close in on RA, just as his father
did in chasing down Smarty Jones in the 2004 Belmont.

BigBrown2332 says:

Mile and a quater day would be different

Lisa Stringer says:

I hope that Sea the Stars (looking like a superstar) wins the Arc then
takes on Rachel (she’s just great) in the BC, but I fear it won’t happen.

saramadi100 says:

She would’ve won the Derby, no doubt.

MillenniumTV says:

I think Mine That Bird is much the Best. He won the Derby at 50-1 going
away! He’s a closer! In-experienced trainer! New Jockey for Preakness
(would of beat Rachel if he got through cleanly)! In my books; if he goes
on to win Belmont, Travers & Breeder’s Cup Classic he’s as good as any this
Generation… SeaBiscuit anyone?

jasonm921 says:

or maybe he hangs like he did in the Belmont….we will never know

Will Backbone says:

I laugh so fucking hard when I read this I told you Racheal was a SUPER
FILLY your horse has not won since May, Seabiscuit my ass…..lol My Filly
just won again today, beat older colts she is horse of the year !

bubblinbrownsugar616 says:

Announcer: “…..Taking on the boys….” Taking on the Boys is RIGHT!!!!
Hahaha!!! Queen of the Preakness!!!! Go Rachel Alexandra!!!!

mne1205 says:

MTB showed he is a very good horse and not a one hit wonder. RA is a great
horse. I hope they both run the belmont.

Will Backbone says:

he was not going to catch her, she basically was playing coming down the
stretch and would have lengthened her stride at any moment and kept MTB
easily behind, she won easily could have won by 5 lengths if pushed and 10
lengths if she took to the track. MTB’s ONLY chance is the MUD

spam1237 says:

Ugh Willbackbone, still all the negativity eh?? You have probably forgotten
that MTB placed in the Preakness and showed in the Belmont.

pennyondime95 says:

Nick Zitto is a good Horse Trainer specially when it come to Belmont Stakes
he always send a horse Longshot to WIN like Birdstone and DA TARRA!..agree
or disagree…. pennyondime95

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