Oxbow wins | Oxbow Wins Preakness 2013: Orb Triple Crown Bid Ends At Pimlico

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Oxbow wins Oxbow and Gary Stevens assured the Triple Crown drought will continue at least one more year. Oxbow won the 138th running of the Preakness Stakes …


lkmorgan1959 says:

Way 2 Go Gary!!! Your fans are thrilled 4 U. Nice job gettin loose onthe front 2 fool m all!!

kriskoolbb says:

I won 45 dollars 🙂

TheRealBrillski says:

If it had been someone other than Lukas’s horse that blocked Orb, would that make a difference to you? The Preakness field has a cap of 14 entrants and only nine horses were entered. Clearly there was plenty of opportunity for people other than Lukas to enter a horse. The favorite doesn’t always win, in horse racing or in any other sport for that matter. There’s not a conspiracy behind every (personal) undesired outcome. Win some you lose some.

bevil4aday says:

I’m own of the mind to think that all Turcott had to do was hold on to Secretariat to win the Preakness and Belmont. 2:24 in mile and a half Belmont, are you kidding me? I think Sec felt he could no matter where he was on the track.

spideraxis says:

I was hoping Orb would come ahead at the end, but Oxbow had the lead right from the start and held it throughout.

Sean B says:

Congratulations Gary!!!!!

bazaltum says:

нихуя не понял

bigwallrat says:

Gary Stevens is back,, I remember his days at longacres. Bet 50 to win at the kentucky on oxbow and for the preakness held back and only bet 20 UGHHHH.
I was supposed to bet 1000.00 on oxbow.

He is the best jockey alive
CONGRATS to Gary Stevens and Oxbow

belmont is going to be interesting!!!!!!

rathakitty says:

Stupid oxbow

d5pincher says:

Orb was lame on his right front


The only reason why titletown five was there was to disrupt Orb momentum to allow D wayne lukas horses to win the race .It’s unfair to have three entries but the other horse was just a sacrificial lamb

commandress74 says:

What was the Finish time of the Race?

akaliptoscypru5 says:

if somebody watch again the kentucky derby can be realized why Oxbow lost. In kentucku though he ran all the way inside in a good position, that shows up the sludge influenced him but in preakness things are change “leader from the begin so clear way and win!

ashleyalgo says:

Why does this make me want to go to HornyHabit com!?! LOL is that just me, or anyone else 🙂

Derek Broughton says:

Gov Charlie really shocked me..

5annent says:

its fucked up what pimlico did w/ traffic patterns &parking!!!!!!!] what a crock of shit!!!

XDmiyukii says:

Happy for Rosie and Mylute!

glasermark says:

Dude, that is Gene Simmons

bnegs521 says:

And that is why it is called horse racing.

bnegs521 says:

It’s Stevens.

gowarriors0716 says:

Looks like everyone took back. What I don’t get was Governor Charlie and Goldencents after they said they were going to play come and catch me with Goldencents

gowarriors0716 says:

How can Rosario do that when he was breaking from the 1 hole and everyone else took back? He would’ve either had to rush Orb out and get to the outside or drop way way way back and go around. He had no choice

nin12dog says:

When Secretariat went wide at 1st turn at Preakness & passed the pack – did Sec do this or did Ronnie Turcott?

franco05 says:

i agreen Gary Stevens would have made Orb win.

franco05 says:

Totally JOckey Error, he should have gone to the outside to avoid traffic, or stay just behind the leaders, he let himself get caught up in the middle of traffic, and lost momentum. Jockey should have known better.

kerry jacobs-pla says:

Well done Oxbow I knew you could do it!

englishridinggirl says:

Way to go Gary Stephens!!! So happy for him!!!



maria lewis says:

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for posting the race – – MUCH APPRECIATED !!!!

bigblue162 says:

orb wtf 🙁

dafukinpikey says:


denniegh says:

Jockey error

Art Project says:

Made me feel better knowing that Oxbow won under Gary Stevens. Should have had him run Orb that guy is hot

tigerboy1966 says:

Desperately slow time, any explanations?

Susan Nunes says:

I think you mean D. Wayne Lukas.

courts tudor says:

Gary Stevens is undoubtly one of the best jockey ever,great ride, go oxbow.

Janet Lydens says:

Completely sucks! Understand it’s a competitive sport, but can’t stand Baffert’s claim that “he is out to spoil dreams.” Dude; at least you could act like you care!!!

Jenny Jonsson says:

Doing what he does best 😉

Susan Nunes says:

Great ride by Stevens.

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