A Day in The Life of a Racehorse Featuring Nick Zito

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Hall of Fame Thoroughbred Race Horse Trainer Nick Zito takes you through a typical day for a racehorse. Taped at Zito’s Barns at the Saratoga Track. This video produced by Story Mavericks, Saratoga Springs, is part of a series of 8 videos to celebrate 150 years of horse racing in Saratoga.

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Lisa Kitty says:

Born to run but your horses have no access to a pasture? What happened to
race horses being treated like kings? I have to mustangs I use fore
pleasure riding at a small barn and they get better care than these horses.
When people tell me that racing is okay for the horse I should just show
them this video to prove that it is not. You have been training for your
whole life yet you actually think a horse goes to sleep when you leave and
wakes up when you come back? A horse sleeps for two to three hours a day.
So the horses here are awake and bored for 20 hours a day. That one in the
video was shaking his head he was so bored. And don’t try to tell me that
he is playing. My horses play, they run around, kick, bite and buck, that
is playing, not shaking your head because you are going crazy. 

Gingersnap27239 says:

i fell bad for the horses they need to be able to run in a feild with out
anyone on thier backs

themiamimi123 says:

these are the horses that are fast enough to race. What happens to the
overbred horses that aren’t fast enough?…

Morris Ford says:

Michael-glad you liked video. Thanks for visit. Do share. Best to ya. Bill

Michael Damon says:

good video, very informative! Thank you.

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