Arabian Horse Tribute – Videos and Pictures

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Something a little different from my usual videos. Here’s a tribute to the Arabian horse (and half-Arabian horse), in my opinion one of the most beautiful ho…


raichart42 says:

I love Arabian horse. They are my one favorite breeds and if I’m having a bad day and in a lot of stress, this video seems to cheer me up and put the bad things behind me.

xcaves says:

Awesome horses and video! Arabians are the best of the best.

boomdobidoom31 says:

my mare is half arib-3

Nina Naser says:

These horses are the best out there !

balbasky says:

Aladdin forever!!

Канат Усенбеков says:

Мыкты-ау мініп шапкым келіп кетті-ау

Канат Усенбеков says:

Мыкты-ау мініп шапкым келіп кетті-ау

Hassanahmedfathy Abdelmaged says:

موسيقي انت عمري مع فيديو لأحصنه عربيه يبفى كملت

Hassanahmedfathy Abdelmaged says:

موسيقي انت عمري مع فيديو لأحصنه عربيه يبفى كملت

Erica Gibson says:

This makes me miss my arabian stallion.R.I.P Zaire

ameerk8807doctor says:

worst remix ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarraih Myst says:

I will miss me favorite horse, Jameel, foprever. I could buy a thousand horses, & none of them would be like he was, to me

Sarraih Myst says:

he made a man;s thighs bleed whom wanted to buy him for an endurance steed. I was thankful that the man couldnt handle him 🙂

Sarraih Myst says:

My Jameel was suxh a gift From God, and no one can take that from me ever.

Kellie Luckus says:

Get your a** on some class ride an Arab it’s a bumper sticker

katarafriend says:

ma sha2 allah!!!

Somaya Rateb says:

This is oum kalthum song

DiiachenKiirachen says:

wo kann man soo einen schwarzen vollblutaraber kaufen
bitte um antwort !

Mis Shosho says:

Arabian Horse only 17 ribs, not 18 ribs like other horses.And this can distinguish . Slaam

Rachid Maamri says:

Great …

litia says:

they are the most endurant horses and they’re also very fast. 

Alaa Hamila says:

selective breeding started in south arabia thousands of years ago made the wind eater

CookieCult says:

Sure, as long as you give credit. And I’d love to see the website! =)

madad mayoos says:

WOW WOW WOW, but my favorit is only straight egyptian…

MegaTheLucca says:

May I use this video to a Danish horse website? :)

Somaya Rateb says:

I like.the song of oum kalthum with this video .

FederBlaue says:

ich hatte die “Gnade” und das Glück, Mohammed in Dömken’s Stall noch zu sehen..und Ghamal. Ich werde es nie vergessen.

lalyrocks2 says:

And I look at all horse dreaming just to get 1 just 1 please Allah

lalyrocks2 says:

I’m jealous of people who own donkeys

Missy Rabbit says:

such beautiful horses.

phillyflyersfan888 says:

Fantastic Job! These animals are gorgeous.

Korpiklaani4ever says:

evolution gave arabs these horses. 😀

ichliebedichmrmax says:

0.57 ♥

resilient3000 says:

Toller Clip 🙂 Positiv bewertet und abonniert 🙂 Schöne Grüße 🙂

rhapsodieandblue says:

Superbe. Quelle noblesse. Ma race favorite évidemment. Je partage.

mafia1953 says:

yaaa allah mezyanha

winningsmile222 says:

absolutely STUNNING! What amaizing horses. Proud , fearless and fast , just like their masters. thank you for posting.

elizabeth9946 says:

Beatiful!!!! My favourite HORSES….

elizabeth9946 says:

my favourites HORSES… WONDERFUL….!!!

Golfstream1982 says:


kaylee shae says:

I just put up a video of me galloping my horse bareback and bitless….Natural horsemanship… It’s really the only right way to go 🙂 I love this music!!! I love the video and all! I think you did a really good job:)

peggy holley says:

Being owned by an Arabian Stallion for 28 yes I have one thing to say IF THERE ARE NO ARABIAN HORSES IN HEAVEN I DON’T WANT TO GO
T his a wonderful video

Sunita Sunitasuny says:

Arabian Horse is beautifull!!

Sunita Sunitasuny says:

Arabian Horse is beautifull!!

mohamedsalahkhedr says:

it pure origins, we ride this miracles during wars and peace

Nadia K says:

what you say is true, my grandparents owned arréres Arab horses of high level and I am always in awe of them, they are also very intelligent.

wirhabennureineerde says:

i love my arabian horse 🙂

trinbr hexi says:

arabian horses likes to show off

ScottsdaleShow says:

I do love this montage – but the imagery has been “borrowed” which actually means stolen, if someone presses copyright ownership. I am one of the people who’s images are being used here. Here’s an idea which isn’t quite legal but would help in the spirit of loving Arabian horses – how about listing the visual credits of the footage you use? As someone who sees their own work used – that would be greatly appreciated.

zarehp666 says:

What’s the change called at 0.32?

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