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Created on 11 January 2013 at 14:47 by Racer Joe

Hi there,

We are the people who bring Internet closer to home – particularly if you live in or near Canton Zug, Switzerland.

The company name is Jimmy Craig Websites, and we work out of Unterägeri with an Oberägeri mail box. Specifically

   Jimmy Craig Websites
   Postfach 210
   6315 Oberägeri / Switzerland

   Phone: +41 41 750 9949
   Natel: +41 79 485 7443
   Skype: craig.hesser

   Mail: jimmy craig websites (at) google mail (dot) com (with no spaces)
   Website: http://jimmycraig.info

In addition to making and running the ZugerTube.com, ZugTube.com, AegeriTube.com, TrakehnerTube.com and this HorseRaceTube.com websites, Jimmy Craig Websites also builds custom made websites for discerning clients. We have a complete directory of what we can do on the home website, JimmyCraig.info, but the prices are somewhat out of date there (the exchange rate movements have been giving us fits!). Call us or write to us for a quotation.

Craig Hesser is the main guy, and he is responsible for the editorial content and content content (videos and texts).

If you want/need a personal or business website, contact us and we will give you an offer we hope you will not be able to refuse! 😀 We even have a special free website offer for bed & breakfast owners/operators. :-O


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